Toyota Helps Drivers Avoid Accidents with New Accident-Avoidance Technology

Drivers that know the feeling of nearly getting into an accident, know it's not a god one.  Your heart goes into your throat, you lose your inability to swallow and your life flashes right before your eyes. Many of us, unfortunately, also know the trauma that comes from actually having a crash. That's why Toyota designed an new Accident-Avoidance Technology system to help literally steer you away from accidents all together.

Engineered with a complex mix of high tech features, including the use of cameras, millimeter-wave radar, and on-board microprocessors to calculate and implement braking and steering adjustments, it's capable of calculating and automating the braking and steering adjustments necessary for avoiding an imminent accident.

Recently, at a media even in Japan, Toyota demonstrated their pre-collision steering control technology for the first time. There, Toyota explained how it is hoping the technology will prevent a significant amount of accidents involving pedestrians.

Few know just how many people are hit crossing the streets on an annual basis. But, the NHTSA has collected and published data evidencing over 4,000 - in 2009 alone. And, that's solely in the U.S. Confirming the ridiculous number of pedestrians struck by vehicles each year are more recent findings from a study executed in the Washington D. C. area. Those finding show that, in the District, more accidents occur in crosswalks per year, than in the actual streets.

That said, Toyota's new crash-avoidance system is expected to do a lot more than prevent cars from hitting pedestrians. It should also prevent a significant number of slow/low-impact vehicle-to-vehicle accidents, as well as accidents involving mercurial animals.

Interested in learning more about Toyota's full-frontal attack on automobile accidents? Be sure to stay tuned. Toyota of North Charlotte, located at 13429 Statesville Road  Huntersville, NC, is dedicated to keeping you informed and hopes to have an ETA for the new Toyota pre-collision steering technology for you, soon.

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