62 MPG Goal for the Toyota Prius

At the Washington D.C. auto show, Toyota stated that its Prius model can do 62 mpg. According to Jim Colon, Toyota vice president for product communication, "Whatever goal [the Obama administration] establishes, Toyota will be prepared to meet. If it's 62 miles a gallon, we'll be able to achieve that."

Mr. Colon said the new rules "excite" Toyota, and the company is "already going in that direction." Toyota is planning on expanding their Prius hybrid line up and adding three more models.

But Toyota is going in that direction alone - members of the auto lobbying group, the Alliance for Automobile Manufacturers, attacked House of Reps leadership on the feasibility of meeting a 62 mpg target - they feel it is unfair to the American auto industry. (Toyota is also a member of the Alliance)

According to Auto News: "Martha Voss, another Toyota spokeswoman, said which a carmaker was not endorsing a 62 mpg aim, adding which Toyota considers it too early to pinpoint the figure until studies suggest more information as well as other factors have been considered."

Toyota is at the beginning of a long battle - almost every other auto maker either already has or is coming out with a hybrid version of one of their cars. One Korean auto maker has stated all of their vehicles will reach 5o miles per gallon minimum by 2025 - hybrid or not.

With Toyota, anything (even a 62 mile per gallon exclamation) is possible.

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[SOURCE] http://switchboard.nrdc.org/blogs/rhwang/toyota_breaks_ranks_says_yes_w.html

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