Toyota is Developing an Exclusive Social Networking Site for Toyota Owners

In cooperation with Microsoft and San Francisco-based, Toyota is developing their very own, exclusive social networking site. Called "Toyota Friend", it's specially designed to allow  drivers to interact with their cars as they would one of the hundreds of social networking sites popping up left and right.

Still in the developmental phase, "Toyota Friend" was recently demonstrated in a Tokyo showroom, where onlookers watched an owner of a plug-in Prius received a message from his hybrid, named "Pre-boy", telling him to charge his car overnight. After the driver followed the advisement, the Prius responded, "The charge will be complete by 2:15 a.m. Is that OK? See you tomorrow."1

Herbie or Christine, anyone? Anyone? Only Toyota isn't anthropomorphizing cars in fiction. They're doing it in real life... in a manner far friendlier than in Christine, of course.

In addition to charge-time reminders, "Toyota Friend" will offer the value and convenience of inspection reminders. First, "Toyota Friend" will send you a notification that your vehicle is due for an inspection. Immediately following it will link to a dealer to set up an appointment.

Toyota drivers who decide to use "Toyota Friend" once it is launched can decide to keep their exchanges with their car private or share them with other "Toyota Friend" users on Facebook, Twitter, and other similar social networking sites.

Right now, "Toyota Friend" it's slated to hit Japan first in 2012 and later worldwide. Initially, it will be an option only with electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids.

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