Toyota Puts Their Money Where Their Mouth Is

Electric vehicles (EVs) are attractive for many different reasons. They're clean.  They require zero gasoline. And they offer a fresh, futuristic look. That said, there's one thing about EVs, which many drivers find unattractive: The ever-present inconvenience of charging their power cells.

Happily, given a recent partnership between Toyota and WiTricity, future EV owners might never have to deal with the frustrations that come with the tangled rats nest of cords and having to find a public charging spot again.

For those of you maybe not familiar with WiTricity, they are a relatively young company founded in 2007 as an MIT spinoff that specializes in developing wireless power. According to WiTricity's Director of Business Development and Marketing, David Schatz, the company expects to see cars and charging equipment embedded with its technology in two to three years. "Car makers are introducing the first generation of vehicles plugged into the grid now," he says. "In a couple of years, they will be introducing the second-generation of vehicles, and that's our target."1

If Toyota's and WiTricity's project is a success, it will essentially enable drivers to charge their EVs simply by parking them within range of a charger equipped with a specially embedded device. Using magnetic resonance, such a device would be conveniently used at a distance, through walls and even for charging multiple devices at one time.

Want to learn more about this project as it unfurls? Stay tuned. Toyota of North Charlotte located at13429 Statesville Road Huntersville, NC, is dedicated to keeping you informed.

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