Toyota of N Charlotte shares car seat safety tips

Safety should always be your number one priority when hitting the streets in your new Toyota near Charlotte. A new addition to the family and young children in the back seatmake safety an even bigger concern. Although we can provide you with family-friendly new Toyota in N Charlotte that offer all of the latest and greatest safety features, it's also up to you to keep small children safe when driving your new Toyota. This includes choosing the right car seat and installing it properly for maximum safety!

Toyota of N Charlotte car seat safety 

Installing a car seat in your new Toyota near Charlotte

Before we get into finding the perfect car seat for your child, let's start with the basics - how to properly install a car seat in your new Toyota near Charlotte! Although installing a car seat in your new Toyota may seem like an easy task, it's not always that simple. In fact, three out of four cars seats are installed incorrectly, according to the National Highways Traffic Safety Administration. There isn't one right way to install all car seat; however, there are a few tips you can follow to ensure you're doing it right.

  • Follow the instruction manual: This tip sounds like a given, but not everyone takes the time to carefully read instructions. Car Seat safety isn't something to take a chance on, so make sure you follow the instructions for installing the car seat in your new Toyota to a "T"!

  • Use the LATCH system: Most vehicles, including our new Toyota in N Charlotte, offer the LATCH system as a standard feature! This safety feature includes lower anchors and tethers to help fasten the car seat and provides extra security.

  • Have the car seat inspected: Did you know what most fire and police stations offer to inspect your car seat for free? If you really want to be sure you're installing it right, have a professional check it or even install it in your new Toyota for you! 

N Charlotte Toyota dealership explains how to choose the right car seat 

Having the right car seat for your child is just as important as installing it properly in your new Toyota in N Charlotte. There are many options to choose from and different requirements for each type of car seat, such as age, height and weight.  We know this can get a little confusing. This is why our N Charlotte Toyota dealership is explaining the different types of car seats and how to choose the right one for your child.

N Charlotte Toyota dealership

Rear-facing car seat

Rear-facing car seats are designed to cradle a baby in the event of a collision to reduce the risk of neck injury. Babies should remain in this type of car seat for at least 12 months or up to 22-35 lbs. You should use a rear-facing car seat for as long as possible to ensure your baby's safety in your N Charlotte Toyota.

Forward-facing car seat

A forward-facing car seat has a harness to help limit your child's mobility and forward-movement during a collision. This is the type of seat your child should use after a rear-facing car seat. A forward-facing car seat is designed for children from 1-3 years old and up to 70 lbs. 

Booster seat

Booster seats helps seat a child in the right position to properly fit the seat belt in your new Toyota. Once your child grows out of the forward-facing car seat, they can start sitting in a booster seat. These seats are made for children between 4-7 years old. 

Seat belt

Once your child has out-grown a booster seat, they can finally sit in your new Toyota in N Charlotte with just a seat belt. To ensure the seat belt fits properly, the lap belt should lie across the upper thigh and the shoulder belt should lie across the chest. If the lap belt is across the stomach or the shoulder belt is on the neck or face, your child is not ready. Children are typically ready between the ages of 7 and 12.

Find a family-friendly new Toyota in N Charlotte that can fit a car seat with ease and with all of the safety features you need to feel secure! Toyota of N Charlotte is located at 13429 Statesville Rd. in Huntersville.


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