How to drive a new Toyota hybrid with maximum fuel efficiency

If you drive a new Toyota hybrid in N Charlotte, you know just how fuel-efficient and cost-effective these vehicles can be! Driving a new Toyota hybrid in N Charlotte is a great way of saving money at the gas pumps. Our Toyota with gasoline engines can give you great fuel efficiency like the Toyota Yaris, which gets an estimated 33 combined mpg, but a comparable hybrid car like the Toyota Prius c in N Charlotte offers even more with an estimated 50 combined mpg! 

Although our new Toyota hybrids promise amazing mpg, the fuel efficiency you get can vary depending on your driving habits. If you don't use certain driving practices while behind the wheel of your new Toyota hybrid near Charlotte, you can end up with less miles per gallon. On the other hand, if you use the right driving habits, you can get even better fuel economy than the EPA estimated mpg rating!

new Toyota hybrids in N Charlotte

Tips for increasing the fuel efficiency of your new Toyota hybrid in N Charlotte

You'd be surprised at how far our hybrid vehicles can go on a tank of gas when you use the right driving techniques and utilize the features provided to maximize fuel efficiency! We're sharing some of our tips for getting the best fuel efficiency from your new Toyota hybrid near Charlotte.

Accelerate slowly

Our hybrid cars use Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive to switch back and forth from a gasoline engine to an electric motor. Here's how you can take advantage of this:

  • Use EV Mode as much as possible. Some of our new Toyota hybrids like the N Charlotte Toyota Prius offer EV Mode. This drive mode allows you to use only the battery to power your car; however, it doesn't last long and works at slower speeds. This can come in handy when first starting your drive. You can expand the time it lasts by minimizing your speed and acceleration.

  • We also suggest using the pulse and glide method. Here's how it works. First, accelerate slowly to the speed you need to go. Then, take your foot off the acceleration, let your speed drop 5-10 mph and slowly accelerate again. Once you take your foot off the acceleration, the gasoline engine will turn off and switch to the the electric motor.

Toyota Prius in NC

Maximize fuel efficiency in your new Toyota hybrids near Charlotte

Use regenerative braking 

All of our new Toyota hybrids in N Charlotte feature regenerative braking, which restores energy in the battery every time you brake. The more you take advantage of this technology, the more your battery can stock up on energy to be used when you need it! 

To maximize the use of regenerative braking, you should anticipate stops ahead of time and start to decelerate early. You can also use the pulse and glide method for stopping. To do this, gently tap the brakes and let your new Toyota hybrid slow down. Do this continuously until you come to a complete stop. Avoid braking at the last minute, as this will waste the energy that could have been captured!

Use less car accessories

When saving energy, every bit counts. Our new Toyota hybrids in N Charlotte come with a ton of high-tech features and accessories; however, this doesn't mean you should use them all the time. You should use your air conditioning when needed and radio to keep you entertained, but be smart about it! Avoid using unnecessary features like seat warmers. This uses energy from your battery and once that energy runs out, it starts to use the gasoline engine. 

You can also conserve energy by using ECO mode. Like EV Mode, some of our new Toyota hybrids in N Charlotte offer ECO Mode. It changes the settings of your accessories and air conditioning to use less power! This way you can use your car accessories more efficiently.

As you can see, it's easy to get use out of every drop of gasoline you pay for with our new Toyota hybrids near Charlotte! If you want to drive a hybrid car, stop by Toyota of N Charlotte and see what we have to offer. We're located at 13429 Statesville Rd. in Huntersville.


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