History of Toyota

Our new Toyota in N Charlotte are extremely popular rides with outstanding reputations for quality and reliability. The Toyota brand is one of the biggest and most well-known automotive brands around, but it has been a long time coming to get to where it is today. With more than 75 years under its belt, Toyota has a long history! To see how our new Toyota in N Charlotte became so acclaimed, our Toyota dealership is delving into the history of the Toyota Motor Company!

Toyota of N Charlotte delves into the beginning of Toyota

Toyota came from humble beginnings. The idea for Toyota began in the 1930s, when founder Kiichiro Toyoda and his father began experimenting with auto engines in their own home. They eventually invented a new engine, which helped establish the Toyota Motor Company in 1937. 

At first, Toyota thrived on building new Toyota for the Japanese military. However, it began to sell worldwide and even made its way to the U.S. in 1957! This is when the Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A Inc. was born!

Toyota history

Toyota makes history in America!

Like we said, Toyota began its journey in the U.S. in 1957, where it established its headquarters in Hollywood, Calif. and began sales the next year! The Toyopet Crown was the first Japanese car sold in the U.S. This new Toyota sold a modest 287 units in the first year of sales. Only one Toyota Land Cruiser was sold that year; however, this was just the start for Toyota in the U.S. market!

  • The Toyopet Crown was discontinued in 1961, which increased sales of the N Charlotte Toyota Land Cruiser. This new Toyota quickly gained popularity and helped grow the company's name in the states.

  • Toyota really took off with the introduction of the Toyota Corona in 1966, which tripled sales to reach 20,000 units sold! Along with growth in sales, Toyota's reputation for quality and reliability grew.

  • Toyota became the third best-selling import brand in the U.S. in 1968! The same year, the economical Toyota Corolla was introduced and quickly gained attention. Now, this new Toyota in N Charlotte is the best-selling vehicle in the world!

N Charlotte Toyota Corolla

  • Toyota continued to build success and sold one million units by 1972! By 1975, it beat out its competitors to become the number one best-selling import brand in the U.S.!

  • Toyota opened new headquarters in Torrance, Calif. to celebrate its 25th anniversary in 1982. Just four years later, it began manufacturing in the U.S. to build new Toyota on American soil! Now, we have Toyota manufacturing plants in Kentucky, Texas, Alabama, Mississippi and many other states!

  • In 1989, Toyota expanded its brand with the introduction of a luxury line of vehicles - Lexus. Lexus earned the title of number one luxury import in the United States in 1991!

  • The brand continued to grow with the addition of the popular N Charlotte Toyota Camry, which became the best-selling vehicle in the U.S. in 1997. This new Toyota still holds this title today!

  • Toyota revolutionized the automotive industry in 2000 with the introduction of the new Toyota Prius in N Charlotte. This Toyota hybrid continues to lead its segment with the break-through technology it offers like Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive.

  • Once again, Toyota built upon its brand with the introduction of the Scion lineup in 2003. Our new Scion in N Charlotte are extremely economical and geared toward a youthful audience.

  • In 2008, Toyota became the number one selling automotive brand in America! It also passed its competitors in global sales to become the world's largest automaker for the first time!

Toyota continued to build its lineup of new Toyota and its reputation throughout the years. Now, the Toyota lineup consists of more than 25 new Toyota in N Charlotte, not even including the new Scion and Lexus! The Toyota company and our new Toyota near Charlotte have won countless awards and recognition throughout the years for safety, reliability, quality, innovation and more!

new Toyota in N Charlotte

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