Tips for how to park a car like a pro!

While you're behind the wheel of a new Toyota near Charlotte, you're focused on getting to your destination -but what do you do once you arrive? Parking your car can be tricky if you're a first time driver and are unfamiliar with positioning your car in a parking spot. To help you handle the job of parking, Toyota of N Charlotte is teaching you how to park a car.

Find the best spot for your N Charlotte Toyota!

tips for how to park a car

Before you park your new Toyota near Charlotte and leave it unattended, it's best to learn how to park a car in a safe spot. While you're searching for a place to park your N Charlotte Toyota, look for: a well-lit area, enough room in a spot, and a place away from possible causes of damage, like shopping carts.

Typically, you will be faced with three different types of parking spaces that require different types of approaches:

  • Straight Parking Spaces
  • Angled Parking Spaces

Tips for how to park a car

How to Park a Car in Straight and Angled Parking Spaces

  • How to Park a Car, Step 1 -When approaching a perpendicular parking space, empty or between two cars, use your turn indicator to signal that you are turning into a parking spot. Slow down your speed and turn the wheel toward the parking spot. 
  • How to Park a Car, Step 2 -Drive your N Charlotte Toyota into the spot while watching the front corners of your vehicle to ensure you have a safe distance between your car and surrounding vehicles. Slowly turn the wheel back to straighten out your N Charlotte Toyota so you are parallel with the vehicles beside you. Shift into park, and then make sure you are within the parking space lines on the ground.
N Charlotte Toyota tips

How to Park a Car in Parallel Parking Spots:

  • How to Park a Car Parallel, Step 1 -Learning how to park a car parallel seems challenging but is actually quite simple. Once you've found a space you feel comfortable parking in, signal with your turn indicator so other drivers know you are stopping to park your N Charlotte Toyota. 
  • How to Park a Car Parallel, Step 2 -To begin, pull up so you are parallel with the vehicle in front of the space you want to park in. Shift into reverse, and turn your wheel all the way to the right. Let off of the brake slowly and allow your N Charlotte Toyota to move toward the curb. Continue to check the corners of your vehicle as you get closer to other cars. 
  • How to Park a Car Parallel, Step 3 -Once the rear of your N Charlotte Toyota is in the space, begin turning your steering wheel back to the left to straighten out your vehicle. Reverse as far as you can without colliding with vehicle behind you. Pull forward and ensure your vehicle is parallel with the curb, leaving even space between your N Charlotte Toyota and the vehicles in front of you and behind you.

If you have more questions about learning how to park a car, our N Charlotte Toyota dealership can help; just give us a call at (888) 833-3797!

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