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Every year we're all impressed with the innovative new concepts and stunning new Toyota cars. That's because Toyota strives to provide its customers with groundbreaking vehicles. Toyota puts a lot of effort and dedication into everything that it builds, and every new Toyota name has a specific and intricate meaning. Our N Charlotte Toyota dealership is breaking down the meanings behind our most popular new Toyota cars. 

Our N Charlotte Toyota digs deeper into the names of the new Toyota cars 

new Toyota Corolla

Before we get into the new Toyota names, let's discuss the meaning of Toyota! Do you know how the name Toyota originated? When the car manufacturer first opened it was named Toyoda, after the family's name. In a marketing effort to create a logo the name was changed from Toyoda to Toyota. There are a few reasons why they decided to change it, like: 

  • In Japanese characters it is much easier to write Toyota over Toyoda. That's because it takes only an eight-stroke count to write Toyota. Where Toyoda takes a ten-stroke count.
  • In the Japanese language eight-stroke count is considered to be of good fortune. 
  • In marketing aspects, Toyota is easier to say and it's pleasant to hear.


Toyota of N Charlotte defines the names of the new Toyota vehicles! 

N Charlotte Toyota Camry

If you thought that was interesting, wait until you find out what's the meaning behind the names our new Toyota cars near Charlotte. Check it out and see if the names match the cars. 

New Toyota Prius

When the Toyota Prius was first introduced, it was the only mass produced hybrid technology vehicle. The Toyota Prius near Charlotte continues to be the leading hybrid technology vehicle. That's because our N Charlotte Toyota Prius is equipped with Hybrid Synergy Drive! It comes as no surprise that the name "prius" in Latin means "before", "prior", or "previous".  The N Charlotte Toyota Prius was the first of its kind and it continues to be the best of its kind! 

New Toyota Corolla

The N Charlotte Toyota Corolla always impresses drivers! That's because it's stylish, innovative, and fun to drive. The reason why this Toyota was named corolla is because "corolla" is the ring of petals around the center of a flower. The intent behind the name is to suggest high style and elegance. It's safe to say that the new Toyota Corolla near Charlotte turns many heads due to its chic features! 

New Toyota Camry

The Toyota Camry has always been a crowd favorite!  That's because this N Charlotte Toyota sedan is stylish and equipped with advanced technology features. The name for the Toyota Camry originated from the Japanese word "kanmuri", which means "crown".  No wonder the new Toyota Camry has been named America's best-selling car for fourteen consecutive years! 

If you haven't had the chance to drive any of these Toyota cars, come check them out at our Toyota dealership! See for yourself if the cars live up to their names. Toyota of N Charlotte is located at 13429 Statesville Road!


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