Get the new Toyota Safety Sense in your ride!

Our top priority at our Toyota dealership near Charlotte is the safety of you and of your family behind the wheel of one of our new Toyota cars. We highly encourage our drivers to constantly practice safe driving techniques to ensure they're safe on the road. However, there are times that safe driving isn't enough! That's why Toyota has developed advanced safety technology features to integrate into new Toyota cars near Charlotte, such as the Toyota Star Safety System. Most recently Toyota has improved its safety technology and developed a whole new set of safety features to enhance the protection in your new Toyota near Charlotte. 

Feel safe behind the wheel of a new Toyota near Charlotte! 

N Charlotte Toyota safety system

Toyota has recently introduced a new safety technology that's available for some new Toyota cars near Charlotte, Toyota Safety Sense (TSS). Toyota Safety Sense was designed to prevent the unpredictable with various advanced safety features, such as: 

  • Pre-Collision System 
  • Pedestrian Detection 
  • Lane Departure Alert 
  • Auto High Beams
  • Dynamic Radar Cruise Control 


These safety features work together to help you avoid being in any kind of accident! The features enhance the car's abilities to detect its surroundings for obstructions and avoid collision. This new Toyota technology is very impressive and our team at our Toyota dealership near Charlotte wants to explain to you how each system can protect you. 

New Toyota Safety Sense technology available at Toyota of N Charlotte! 

 New Toyota SUV near Charlotte

Pre-Collision System (PCS) 

The Pre-Collision System uses a radar and camera to scan the road in front of you to identify if there is anything near you that can cause a collision. Once the system in your new Toyota near Charlotte detects something, you're alerted with both visual and audible warnings, and the brake assistance is automatically activated! 

Pedestrians Detection (PD)

The radar and camera used to detect collision is able to detect shape and react! The Pedestrian Detection releases audio and visual warning to let you know of a possible collision with a pedestrian. If you don't react your brakes and collision detection automatically engage to stop an accident from happening. 

Lane Departure Alert (LDA) 

Many drivers get distracted behind the wheel of their new Toyota, and this may cause the car to drift into other lanes. This safety technology allows your car to detect the lane markings on the road; once it notices that you're drifting, it'll alert you! A beeping sound and light will come on your dashboard so that you can correct your driving. 

Auto High Beams (AHB) 

If you have a hard time seeing while driving at night, the Auto High Beam will come in handy! That's because the Auto High Beam can detect oncoming cars' headlights and switch the high beams on and off. This way you'll always have clear visibility! 

Dynamic Radar Cruise Control (DRCC) 

The Dynamic Radar Cruise Control works very similar to the traditional cruise control, except it has one very exciting perk! When driving the DRCC is able to detect vehicles in front of you and can then adjust the speed accordingly!

The Toyota Safety Sense is a safety package that is available in some new Toyota cars near Charlotte. Come check it out at Toyota of N Charlotte! Take a new Toyota out for a spin and test out the TSS. Visit us at 13429 Statesville Road. 


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