Road Sign Meanings

We all had to take a test in the past to get our driver's licenses, but for some it's been longer than others! If it's been a while since you've had to learn roadway safety, like road sign meanings, our Toyota of N Charlotte team is here to help! Driving can become confusing if you're not sure what you're supposed to do or where to go. We're giving you a thorough refresher on different road signs and what they mean, to make driving your N Charlotte Toyota easier and safer!

Road signs and what they mean

There are a lot of road signs that are obvious, like the standard red octagon that says "stop." However, not all signs are that straight forward or common. If you're unfamiliar with road signs, Toyota of N Charlotte is explaining some!

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Railroad Crossing

If you see a yellow sign with a large "X" and two letter "R's", this means that you are approaching a railroad crossing. This warning road sign is to let you know that you may have to stop your N Charlotte Toyota because of a train. It's also a warning to slow down. Driving over railroad tracks too fast in your N Charlotte Toyota could cause your tires too lose traction. If you see a railroad crossing road sign, use caution!

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No U-Turn

A regulatory road sign with a crossed out U-shaped arrow means that you are NOT permitted to make a U-turn in your N Charlotte Toyota at that point. If there is no red circle and slash, you are allowed to use that intersection or median to make a U-turn. Making an illegal U-turn is dangerous and a traffic violation that could result in a ticket.

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Merging Traffic

An arrow with two tails on a sign indicates that traffic will be merging. If the curvy tail is on the right, the merging traffic will be coming from the right. Use caution and consideration in your N Charlotte Toyota when other drivers are merging onto the roadway.

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Four-Way Intersection

If you spot a yellow diamond-shaped signed with a black cross, you are approaching a four-way intersection. These two perpendicular lines indicate that traffic will be coming from four different directions.

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Divided Highway

Two arrows separated by half of an oval is a traffic road sign that indicates a divided highway is beginning and the two-lane highway ends. Up ahead, there will be a median that divides the two-way traffic.

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No Parking

If you're searching for a parking in the busy city, keep an eye out for a sign with the letter "P" that is circled and crossed out in red. This indicates that you are NOT permitted to park in that spot. Use caution because parking where you're not permitted could result in towing or a ticket.

Road safety tips from Toyota of N Charlotte

When you're out on the road in your N Charlotte Toyota, keep your eye out for road signs that could be warning you or guiding you. If you're using defensive driving tactics, you'll be alert and aware of important signs on the side of the road.

For more safe driving tips, give Toyota of N Charlotte a call at (888) 883-3797!


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