What to keep in your N Charlotte Toyota glove box!

When shopping for a new car, buyers never care much for the glove compartment. Most people use it to keep random items such as receipts and gum and it ends up turning into a treasure chest in the car. However, the glove box can be pretty handy and it can be used for housing some necessary documents. What should you keep inside your glove compartment? Our N Charlotte Toyota team is here to help you determine just that! 

What should you keep inside the glove box of your N Charlotte Toyota? 

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It always best to be overly prepared than to be sorry! That's why our N Charlotte Toyota team wants to share tips on what you should be keeping inside your glove compartment. Most people have emergency equipment and preparedness kits in their cars, but it's almost never within reach. Our N Charlotte Toyota dealership encourages you to keep an emergency kit for yourself and your vehicle in your car. However, there are some things you should keep within reach in your glove box. That's why our N Charlotte Toyota dealership has created a list of things you should keep at arm's length! Check it out.

Required Items

  • Emergency contacts - Write down emergency contact information and place it in the glove box of your N Charlotte Toyota. If something happens, authorities will know who to reach out to. 
  • Medical information - Write down any medical condition that you and your family members may have and keep it with the emergency contacts. It's important to state things such as allergies or medical conditions. It's important to have this in case of an emergency and you can't communicate the information. 
  • Car registration - You should always have your N Charlotte Toyota car's registration within reach. If you get pulled over, authorities will ask for it. If you don't have it, you may be facing a fine. 
  • Proof of insurance - Legally, all cars must be insured. Therefore, you must have your car insurance information at hand; don't keep it at home! 
  • Car manual - There are many different lights and functions in your car. If you're not sure what something means, it's important to have the car manual handy. This way you'll know if you accidently pressed the wrong button or if your car has damage. 

Have your documents handy with these N Charlotte Toyota glove box tips! 

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Useful Items 

  • Pen and paper - If you're ever in a fender bender you'll need to exchange information, so having pen and paper can be very useful! 
  • Flashlight - Did something fall in the black hole that's in between the driver's seat and center console? Use the flashlight to help you find it! 
  • Mini first-aid kit - Keep band-aids and prescription medication handy, such as an EpiPen! 
  • Phone charger - If you're stuck on the side of the road with a flat tire you don't want to have a dead phone. Keep a car charger in the glove compartment of your new N Charlotte Toyota! 


If you have any questions regarding N Charlotte Toyota safety tips and what other things you might need inside your glove compartment, call us at (888) 883-3797. 


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