Explore the history of the N Charlotte Toyota Supra

The N Charlotte Toyota Supra is arguably the most iconic Japanese sports car to ever hit the market! Although it's not currently a part of the Toyota lineup, the Toyota Supra has made a lasting impression in the minds of drivers to this day. 

Since it was discontinued, people have been speculating whether or not another N Charlotte Toyota sports car will follow it! No one knows the answer to this just yet; however, the Toyota Supra would be a hard ride to top. It made quite the name for itself in the 23 years it was on the market. 

Take a look back at beginning of the Toyota Supra

Toyota Supra

The Toyota Supra dates back to 1979 and stemmed from the N Charlotte Toyota Celica. It took the Toyota Celica and amped it up with a larger body and more power under the hood. We're explaining the full history of this Toyota sports car.

First generation (1979 - 1981)

The Toyota Supra was first introduced in Japan in 1978 and was exported to the U.S. in 1979. Like we said, this N Charlotte Toyota started as an offshoot of the Toyota Celica coupe. In fact, it was first named the Toyota Celica Supra. 
  • This Toyota was introduced as a high-performance sports car with a 110 hp 2.6-liter engine. Other performance-driven features in the N Charlotte Toyota Supra included the option of a five-speed manual or four-speed automatic transmission, four-wheel-independent suspension, and disc brakes. 
  • Compared to other vehicles at the time, this Toyota sports car near Charlotte was extremely tech-savvy! It offered feature like power windows, power lock, and cruise control. It also offered automatic climate control, which was unheard of at the time!
  • The Toyota Supra continued to evolve throughout the first generation by adding technology and performance features. By the end of this era, it had unmatched performance with sport-tuned suspension and V6 engine that produced 116 hp and 145 pound-feet of torque!

Learn more about the history of this N Charlotte Toyota sports car

Toyota sports cars

Second generation (1982 - 1986)

To kick off the second generation, this N Charlotte Toyota Supra was completely redesigned with an even sportier look!

  • The 1982 Toyota Supra flaunted a larger body, pop-up headlights, and an all-around sleeker image. 
  • This N Charlotte Toyota was also split up into two classes. Drivers could choose the P-Type (performance) or L-Type (luxury)! 
  • By the last year of the second generation, this Toyota sports car produced 161 hp! 

Third generation (1986 - 1992)

This Toyota entered its third generation with its own identity! It broke away from the Toyota Celica and was named the Toyota Supra. 

  • This Toyota near Charlotte was also given an overhaul, which made it look like a high-end sports car! However, it kept its pop-up headlights and aerodynamic silhouette remained. 
  • In 1987, this Toyota added a turbocharged model, which made it the first U.S. car with both a turbocharged engine and anti-lock brakes!
  • It also offered a targa-type sport roof, which opened up to the outside elements (much like a convertible).

N Charlotte Toyota

Fourth generation (1993 - 2002)

The fourth generation is when the N Charlotte Toyota Supra really started to make a name for itself by putting a strong focus on performance. In 1993, it was categorized as a supercar and truly became a legend!

  • The Turbo model of this Toyota in N Charlotte blew other supercars out of the water with 320 hp! This was the highest level of performance Toyota ever put on a new Toyota.  
  • It also entered this generation completely redesigned with a plunging body that was shorter, wider, and lower to the ground. It also ditched the pop-up headlights for fixed headlights and it offered a large rear wing!
  • With all of this performance, the price of this Toyota sports car began to go up. However, Toyota also offered it in a base version to offer drivers a more affordable option. 
  • Full production of this Toyota Supra ceased in 2002.

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