Toyota Technology and Safety: Driving Tips

You're behind the wheel of a N Charlotte Toyota and those you love most are sitting in the passenger and rear seats. On your mind is keeping your family as safe as possible. At our N Charlotte Toyota dealership, we share that thought. We want you and your family to be protected when out on the road. To do that, we're sharing our best safe driving tips. Face the open road with confidence after you've brushed up on safe driving advice.

safe driving in N Charlotte

Defensive Driving Tips
Toyota of N Charlotte is sharing defensive driving tips. Find out how defensive driving can help keep you safe while in your new Toyota!

Defensive Driving at Night
Do you know how to stay safe while behind the wheel of your N Charlotte Toyota at night? Check out our defensive driving tips!
Teen Driving Tips
Teach your teen how to drive safely behind the wheel!
Avoid Distracted Driving
Distracted driving can be dangerous. Find out how to avoid this habit while in your N Charlotte Toyota!
Road Sign Safety
Get to know different road signs and what they mean so you can drive safer!
Safe driving while towing
Check out these techniques to be safe behind the wheel while towing
Pedestrian safety tips
Check out these tips to be safe and how to share the road with pedestrians 
Safe Driving For Fall
If you're out on the road during the fall months, make sure you know how to avoid autumn hazards!
Safe Driving Tips for Tough Terrain
If you're not used to driving off road, make sure you know how to safely handle your Toyota!
Safe Driving for Different Topography
Do you know how to safely drive through mountains or over hills? Get safe driving tips from Toyota of N Charlotte!
Carpool Tips
Make your work or school carpool better and more efficient with these tips!
How to spot drunk driving
Keep you and your family safe while in your car, use these tips to spot drunk driving. 
Holiday Safe Driving Tips
Be ready for traffic and other dangerous situations with safe driving tips for holidays!
What should you keep inside your glove box?
Check out these important docs and emergency info you should be keeping inside your glove compartment! 
Driving in Heavy Traffic
Instead of getting stressed while stuck in traffic, use our safe driving tips to make the experience better!
Toyota Roadside Assistance
Do you know what Toyota Roadside Assistance can do for you? Toyota of N Charlotte is explaining this car service!

Toyota of N Charlotte's safe driving tips!

There's a lot of responsibility involved when you're the one behind the wheel. You have to be in control and know how to handle the hazards of the road. Before you get out on the open road, it's important that you know safe driving practices and techniques like:

  • Being aware of your surroundings
  • Wearing your seatbelt
  • Abiding by road rules and speed limits
  • Avoiding all distractions

These tips are important to keep in mind, no matter your age or driving experience. Driving safe and smart is something to remember whenever you're in the driver's seat and have your hands on the wheel.

Sometimes there are situations while driving that are just unavoidable. Through no fault of your own, a collision occurs or you lose control of your vehicle. These instances happen so it's best to be prepared with a safe ride. Our N Charlotte Toyota cars are built with the latest and greatest safety technology. Some of our new Toyota vehicles even have a pre-collision system available.

If you're interested in keeping your loved ones safe in the car, make sure you're driving a reliable car and practicing safe driving techniques. For help with finding a safe new ride or for more driving tips, visit Toyota of N Charlotte! We're located at 13429 Statesville Road, just off of I-77 at exit 23!


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