Toyota Technology and Safety: Family and Pet Safety

While you love your possessions like phones, clothes and cars, at our N Charlotte Toyota dealership we know that your family is most important to you. You'll do whatever it takes to keep your loved ones safe and secure. One place that's crucial for keeping your family safe is in the car. Driving can be an unpredictable and risky task, so our new Toyota dealership is sharing helpful family and pet safety tips to give you peace of mind while your family is in the car!

N Charlotte Toyota safety tips

Car Seat Safety Tips
Our N Charlotte Toyota dealership is sharing car seat safety tips. Find out how to choose the right car seat for your child and how to install it properly!

School Zone Safety Tips
Do you know how to drive your new Toyota in a school zone? Toyota of N Charlotte is sharing safety tips for how to drive in a school zone!
Used Car Road Trip Tips
Is your used car REALLY ready to take on the highway? Make sure you run through our checklist first to ensure it can handle the demands of the open road! 
How to pack a car
Check out these tips on properly pack you car for a fun road trip! 
Safe Driving Around Schools and School Buses
Do you know how to drive safely in school zones with pedestrians and bicyclists? What about school buses? Toyota of N Charlotte can help!
Safe Driving in Neighborhoods
Before you start driving through residential areas, make sure you know how to navigate them safely!
Child Safety Tips
As a new parent, there are a lot of firsts. Keep your child safe on the road with tips from Toyota of N Charlotte.
Carpool Safety
Whether you're driving your kids around, or you're coworkers, make sure you know how to conduct a safe carpool.
Tailgating Safety Tips
Are you gearing up for football season? Make sure you keep safety in mind while tailgating in your N Charlotte Toyota!
Traveling with Pets Safety Tips
Toyota of N Charlotte is sharing safety tips for traveling with your pet. Find out how you can keep you four-legged friend safe while in your new Toyota!

Toyota Parts to Protect Your Car From Pets
Is the inside of your car facing wear and tear from your pets? Protect your interior with items from our parts store!

Keep your family safe in your N Charlotte Toyota!

First things first; you want your family riding in one of the safest vehicles on the market. Our N Charlotte Toyota cars have the latest and greatest safety features and systems like the Toyota Star Safety System, Advanced Airbag System, and optional Pre-Collision System! 

You know how to keep yourself safe in the driver's seat, but what about your smaller passengers in the back seat? There are a lot of specifics involved when traveling safely with children. Make sure you're transporting your kids and family members safely in your N Charlotte Toyota with tips from us!

Don't forget about your four-legged family members, either! Even though they may have paws and fur, your pets are important members of your family and they should be kept safe too. If you're taking your pet to the vet, the park, or just for a car ride, you want to ensure that they'll be protected in case of an unavoidable collision.

If you're traveling with family and pets in your N Charlotte Toyota, keep in mind not just your safety, but their safety as well. Do you have more questions about traveling with family and pets? Come by and visit us at 13429 Statesville Road, just off of I-77!

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