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When buying a new car, the first thing you'll probably notice about it is its sticker price. Although this price is important, this isn't the only cost to you that you have to take into consideration. It may be how much the car is initially going to cost you, but there are multiple other factors that you have to think about when calculating the true cost to own. 

What determines the true cost to own of a N Charlotte Toyota?

cost to own

What is the true cost to own? This is how much the N Charlotte Toyota cost to own over a 5-year span when you factor in anticipated expenses. You should always take the true cost to own into consideration when buying a new Toyota in N Charlotte. What costs factor into the true cost to own?

Sticker price

Like we said, the first thing you'll notice when buying a new Toyota in N Charlotte is its sticker price. This is not only important to pay attention to because it's the price you'll be paying right off the bat to buy the car, but it'll also have an effect on other ownership costs. This can effect your insurance rate, taxes, and more.

Taxes and fees

The sticker price isn't the only money you have to pay to drive a car off of a lot. You also have to pay taxes and other fees. This includes the cost for the license and registration, car dealership fees, and more. These also play a role in the true cost to own of your new Toyota.

Insurance rate

Another factor you have to take into consideration when thinking about the true cost to own is the cost of insurance. Your insurance rate is not only dependent on you (your age, credit history, and driving history) but also the N Charlotte Toyota you drive (the make, model, body type, and cost). A more expensive ride is going to cost you more money to insure. 

Interest rate

When financing your car, you have to think about how much you're going to pay overall in interest on the loan. This is why you have to take the interest rate into consideration when buying your N Charlotte Toyota. This rate will vary depending on your credit score and the vehicle you're financing (I.e. Is it a new Toyota or used car?). 

N Charlotte Toyota cars have low true cost to own!

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When calculating the true cost to own, you have to think about the estimated depreciation of the car. This is the amount of value the car loses over the time of ownership to get its estimated resale value. Most vehicles depreciate about 15-20 percent per year; however, some vehicles are better at holding their value. Keep in mind that our N Charlotte Toyota cars are known to hold their value better than any other automotive brand!

Car maintenance and repairs

True cost to own also includes the cost for car maintenance and repairs. Luxury cars typically cost more for car maintenance and repairs, as they need more expensive parts. The quality of the car also matters, as you'll have to pay more for auto repairs when you need them more often. 

Don't forget, our new Toyota in N Charlotte come with ToyotaCare, which is a no-cost maintenance plan, or 2 years or 25,000 miles - whichever comes first. This can help bring down the true cost to own significantly. Plus, our Toyota cars in N Charlotte are known for their reliability, so you won't have to worry about constantly paying for repairs. 


Fuel can also play a huge role in the true cost to own of your N Charlotte Toyota. The less fuel efficient your car is, the more you'll pay over time to drive it. For example, owning a new Toyota Tundra would cost you more for fuel than it would if you owned a N Charlotte Toyota Prius. 

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