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If you're thinking about getting a new Toyota in N Charlotte, then you don't need to stress about trying to find the best price. Our new Toyota and used car specials in N Charlotte can easily help you narrow down which vehicles are best-suited to your financial needs! Trying to find the right vehicle that meets your transportation needs, however, is another element to consider. If you need a new Toyota in N Charlotte that has the ability to tow cargo, then are a few questions to ask yourself to make sure you get a vehicle that easily handle what you want to tow.

How to choose a new Toyota in N Charlotte that can tow!

New Toyota Tundra in N Charlotte

With some vehicle styles, it's pretty apparent that they won't be able to handle a lot of cargo. For example, the N Charlotte Toyota Prius
isn't designed to tow a heavy trailer! However, some vehicles that aren't trucks can easily handle towing a fair amount of weight. There are a few things to consider if you're interested in getting a transportation option that's not a truck:
  • How much weight do you plan to tow? -- It's important to consider not just the weight of the cargo, but the weight of the trailer as well. Every new Toyota in N Charlotte that can tow has a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR), which basically tells you the maximum amount of weight it can handle. This includes the trailer, cargo, items in the trunk, passengers - everything. If you think that you'll be close to this weight limit when you're just towing the trailer and whatever is that's on it, then it's best to go with a different vehicle that has a higher GVWR.
  • What do you plan on towing? -- Believe it or not, this has a significant influence on the vehicle style you should look at. If you anticipate towing a lot of heavy cargo on a daily basis, then you'll want to look for new Toyota in N Charlotte that's more durable, such as the 2015 Toyota Tundra. However, if you only want to tow a small boat or occasionally used a flatbed trailer to transport smaller items, you'll probably be fine with a four-door sedan or SUV, such as the new Toyota 4Runner. Always remember to consider the GVWR, though, when you start test-driving and are getting ready to make a purchase.
  • Does it matter if the vehicle has front-, rear-, all-, or four-wheel drive? -- Experts recommend rear-wheel drive for individuals who anticipate doing serious towing. This is because it offers better traction and stability than what front-wheel drive achieves. All-wheel drive can also help in towing performance. However, vehicles that have this option can sometimes have a reduced towing capacity.

Does the torque in my new Toyota matter?

New Toyota in N Charlotte

Torque is very important when it comes to towing. This is because you're looking for power - not speed. If you examine the 2015 Scion FR-S in N Charlotte, you'll see that this vehicle has a lot of horsepower, but not as much torque, because it's built to go places quickly. However, the new Toyota Tundra in N Charlotte has a lot of torque because it needs power to transport heavy items. Ideally, you want a vehicle that has low-rpm. This will help deliver the kind of towing performance you're interested in! 

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