What's leaking from your car?

Finding an unknown puddle underneath your car can be pretty concerning. The frantic reaction is almost immediate! Problematic questions instantly run through your mind -What is it? Is it serious? Can I drive my car? How much is this going to cost? Before you begin to go into panic mode, take a look at the fluid! There are ways to determine where the leak is coming from and our Charlotte auto service team wants to share them with you. 

Let our Charlotte auto service team help you determine what's leaking from your car 

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Our auto service experts in Charlotte explain that there are ways in which you can identify where the leak is coming from. This way you can decipher how big the issue may be. Let's take a closer look at the most common car leaks and what they mean. 

Coolant/antifreeze leak 

If your coolant or antifreeze is leaking it's usually a green color; sometimes it may be an orange or pink tint. According to our auto service team in Charlotte, this is one of the most common car leaks and it's not too serious! However, you should visit our Charlotte auto service department soon to get it fixed. That's because the coolant keeps the engine from overheating. If left unchecked you run the risk of overheating your car and a heftier car maintenance bill. 

Gasoline leak 

This is one of the easiest leaks to identify. Gasoline has a strong scent! If you see a puddle under your car and there's a strong gas odor, then you have a gas leak. Our team at our auto service center in Charlotte recommends getting it fixed right away. Gas leaks aren't dangerous unless you're around fire! However, gas prices are so high that you're dropping nickels and dimes driving around. 

Our Charlotte auto service department shares a guide to car leaks 

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Engine oil leak 

The color of the oil depends on when you last got an oil change in Charlotte. If you recently got an oil change at our auto service center, then the color is a light brown color. If it's been awhile since your last oil change, then it'll be a dark brown or black color. You won't find a huge puddle under your car, but it'll be a steady leak. If you touch it, it feels thick and oily. You can remove the dipstick from the engine to compare the scent and odor. 

If it is an oil leak, you should bring your car to our Charlotte auto service center RIGHT AWAY! That's because your car needs oil to properly function. You may experience engine failure and other issues if it's left unchecked. 

Brake fluid leak 

If you spot a yellowish to brown fluid that almost resembles cooking oil under your car, have your car towed to our auto service center in Charlotte! If you brake fluid is leaking it can be very dangerous to drive! That's because the fluid helps apply pressure to bring your car to a safe stop. Not having the right amount of fluids can lead to brake failure.

If you have any questions about what's leaking for your car, call our Charlotte auto service experts at (888) 378-1214.


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