The different types of car batteries

The car battery is what gets your ignition started. Without a properly charged or working car battery, you're stuck! In order to get your car to turn on, your battery must be working. If you want to ensure your battery is in shape, visit our auto service center in Charlotte to have it tested or recharged. However, after a while recharging won't be enough to keep your battery working. This is when you should consider replacing your battery in Charlotte. What kind of battery should you invest in? Let our Charlotte Toyota service technicians help you with your decision! 

What kind of car battery does your car need? 

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Did you know that a car battery has a life span anywhere from three to six years? There are many things that can hinder the performance of your battery, such as sitting idle in your vehicle. Getting it recharged at our Charlotte auto service department can help regain strength. However, over time you'll need to get it replaced. Car batteries aren't very cheap! That's why we want to explain to you the different types so that you can determine which one would be the best investment for your ride. 

Flooded battery 

This is the most common lead acid car battery you'll find in Charlotte. That's because this type of car battery is fairly affordable. However, there are two kinds of flooded batteries: 

  • Sealed - A sealed flooded battery is made to be auto-maintenance-free! You don't have to add anything to it in order for the battery to perform. The fluids in the car battery are meant to last until the battery reaches the end of its life. 
  • Conventional - A conventional car battery is split into sections and each section needs its own charges. Once the charge is low you'll need car battery maintenance in Charlotte to power it up again. 


VRLA battery 

VRLA stands for valve-regulated lead-acid battery. These batteries are sealed with no venting of gases, leaking, and are considered to be safer than flooded batteries. However, these batteries require regular auto service. 

  • Gel battery - A gel cell battery is a VRLA battery, but it contains electrolytes. They are extremely durable and resistant to hot temperatures, physical shock, and more. 


Lithium Ion battery 

You'll find that many new models and higher performing cars are equipped with lithium ion batteries! That's because the lithium ion batteries hold static charge for longer periods of time and provide the vehicle with better fuel efficiency. However, lithium ion batteries can be very costly!

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Recharge your battery at our Toyota Service Center in Charlotte! 

If you're in need of battery maintenance or replacement, visit our Charlotte Toyota service department today. We'll replace your battery in to time! Not to mention, if your vehicle needs a specific kind of battery our parts store can order it for you! You won't have to worry about finding it. 

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