Know your car brake components!

As safe drivers, we're constantly aware of our surroundings and are ready to react as needed. There are many times that we rely on our car brakes to make a complete and safe stop. That's why our auto service team in Charlotte constantly reminds our drivers to properly maintain your brakes. However, have you ever thought about what components makes up the car brake system? In order for you to better understand how car brake system works, our Charlotte Toyota service team is breaking down the brake system! 

There are some parts that most drivers are familiar with, such as brake pads and pedal. However, the car brake system has so many other moving parts that all work together to get your car to a safe stop. Are you curious to know what parts are involved in your car brake system? Let our experts at our Charlotte auto service center explain it to you the major parts that make up the car brakes.  

Our Charlotte Toyota service team explains what makes up the car brakes! 

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Brake pedal

The brake pedal is located inside the cabin of the car, by your foot. By stepping on the brake pedal you ignite the brake system to either slow down or stop the car. 

Master cylinder 

Once you step on the car brake pedal you activate the master cylinder. This is the system that pumps the brake fluids from the reservoir through the brake lines in order to trigger the pistons and rotors. Our Charlotte certified technicians explain that the master cylinder is typically located under the hood of your vehicle. 

Brake reservoir and fluid 

The reservoir is located inside the master cylinder in your car brake system. It's where the brake fluid is stored. The brake fluid is used to transmit pressure through the brake lines and hoses in the brake system. Brake fluid usually has a bright green tint and should be topped off regularly at our Charlotte auto service center. 

Brake lines and hoses

The brake lines are made up of metal tubing that transfers the brake fluid from the master cylinder to other components within the car brakes. The brake hoses connect the brake lines on to the chassis with the calipers. 

Brake calipers and rotors 

The calipers are steel pieces that are fixed on top of the brake rotor that holds the piston and brake pads. While the brake rotors are the steel discs that the brake pads grip to in order to make the wheels stop rotating once the fluid is transmitted. 

Brake pistons and pads 

Once the brake fluid arrives it applies pressure to the pistons, a round rod that then presses on the brake pads. The brake pads are metal plates that once force is applied too, it grips onto the rotor to make the vehicle slow down. Over time your brake pads wear down and you must get them replaced at our Charlotte Toyota service center. 

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Keep your car brakes in shape with the help from our Charlotte auto service technicians! 

Now that you know all that parts that go into getting your vehicle to come to a complete stop make sure you properly maintain it with routine visits to our auto service center in Charlotte! If you'd like to make an appointment at our Toyota Service Department in Charlotte, please call (888) 378-1214. 

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