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Your car's radiator a very important component of your ride, as it's used to keep your car from overheating and ending up on the side of the road! In fact, failure in the cooling system is the leading cause for car breakdowns. This is why the radiator repair in Charlotte is just as important as auto service for other parts of your car, like the engine and transmission. What type of Charlotte auto service is required and how do you know when your car is due for radiator repair? We have the answers!

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Determine if your car needs radiator repair in Charlotte

Before we get into the specifics of radiator repair, we want to explain how to determine if your car is due for this car maintenance in Charlotte. Of course you can always have our skilled technicians inspect your car to determine if it's due for radiator repair; however, you can also look out for certain warning signs on your own.

Leaking coolant: Your vehicle's engine needs coolant to function properly, which comes from the radiator. 

  • If you see a puddle of green fluid under your car, there's likely a leak in the radiator. Bring it to our Toyota Service Center in Charlotte for radiator repair right away! 
  • Check the coolant level in the reservoir regularly. If you find that it's running low, you want to fill it with equal parts coolant and water. If you notice the reservoir is constantly low, there may be a leak!

Overheating engine: Like we said, one of the main functions of your car's radiator is keeping the engine from overheating.

  • If you start to notice your car overheating, you should check the coolant level to ensure there's enough. However, if you notice this happening frequently, it's time for Charlotte radiator repair
  • You can notice your car overheating when you see smoke coming from under the hood. In this case, you should pull over right away and have your car towed to our auto service center in Charlotte. 

Wear and tear: Like any other part of your car, the radiator can accumulate regular wear and tear over time. 

  • If there's a slow coolant leak, rust and corrosion can form on the radiator. Thoroughly inspect your radiator to avoid costly radiator repair in Charlotte down the road!
  • Sometimes radiator problems don't come from the radiator itself, but the hoses that carry the coolant. Check the hoses for cracks or bulges to ensure they're in good condition and not leaking.

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What kind of radiator repair in Charlotte does your car need?

If you notice your car is due for radiator repair in Charlotte, you can leave the work to the professionals at our Toyota Service Center! What kind of radiator repair can we help you with? First, we'll inspect your ride to ensure we get to the root of the problem and then fix it with appropriate Charlotte car maintenance, such as:

  • Replace radiator hose, which can help fix the problem if there's a leak
  • A radiator fluid flush, which should be done in regular intervals to prevent buildup and debris in the radiator system
  • Fix water pump or radiator fan, which help move the coolant through the engine and your car from overheating

And more! You can always count on us to give you quality radiator repair in Charlotte. Visit us today at 13429 Statesville Rd., just off I-77 on exit 23. You can give us a call at (888) 378-1214 to schedule an appointment. 

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