What to do if your car tires blowout!

There's nothing more frightening than losing control of your car while in the driver's seat. There are a few things that can happen to your car that can cause you to lose control. One very common issue is when car tires blowout. It can be very scary to experience. However, our Charlotte auto service center wants to help you get through the process safely. That's why were sharing safety tips to deal with a car tire blowout. 

Our Charlotte auto service team explains how you can prevent a car tire blowout

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One way to prevent your car tire from getting a blowout is to visit our Charlotte Toyota service center. Our highly trained Toyota technicians will inspect your car from bumper to bumper for any worn out pieces. They'll also inspect your tires. That's because car tires experience a lot of wear and tear due to the various terrains they drive on. Eventually the thread count and depths begin to bald. 

At our Charlotte auto service center our technicians will inspect for thread depth, count, pressure, alignment, and balance. By fully inspecting your car tires our technicians can check if you need to fix any damages or if you need to get it replaced. 

Our Toyota Service team in Charlotte shares what to do if you experience a car tire blowout 

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Being behind the wheel during a blowout can be a very scary experience. Our Charlotte auto service technicians explain that at first you'll hear a loud pop or boom. Your speed will suddenly decrease and you'll feel a strong pull toward one side of the car. If it's one of the front tires you'll feel it in your steering wheel, if it's a rear tire you'll feel it on the body of the vehicle. 

According to our Charlotte Toyota service experts there are some actions you should take when your experience a car tire blowout. We want to share what you should do in case you ever experience it: 

  • Keep a firm grip on your steering wheel (Don't overcorrect your steering wheel)
  • DON'T step on the brake 
  • Let your car slow down gradually on its own 
  • Once you've slowed down, find a spot to pull over immediately 
  • Once you've stopped put the car in park and turn on your hazard lights 

If you were able to pull over in a safe spot after experiencing a car tire blowout, exit the vehicle. If you have a spare tire and know how to change a tire, you can do so now.  Once you have successfully changed the blown tire, drive straight to our Charlotte Toyota service center to ensure you get new car tires! 

However, if you're in a dangerous area or don't know how to properly change a car tire, call for help. You can call roadside assistance or a tow truck. Have your car brought to our auto service center in Charlotte to ensure you have it back in tip-top shape in no time. 

Our Charlotte Toyota service department is open for extended hours to get your car done quickly! Call us for an appointment at (888) 378-1214 or visit us at 13429 Statesville Road.

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