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Keeping up with your vehicle's routine car maintenance is a great way to extend its life and keep it running efficiently. However, just keeping up with simple car maintenance, such as an oil change or tire rotation, won't take care of all of your vehicle's needs. 

Once your ride gets older and starts racking up the miles, you may want to bring it to our Toyota Service Center in Charlotte for a car tune up! This isn't an auto service your vehicle needs very often, but it's something that's essential for the health of your vehicle. Unfortunately, it's also a car maintenance that often gets overlooked, which is why we want to explain what a car tune up in Charlotte entails and why it's important!

Car tune up in Charlotte

Toyota Service Center explains a car tune up in Charlotte

If you want to keep your vehicle's engine running in tip top shape, it's important to take care of it with some TLC from our Toyota Service Center in Charlotte! This means bringing it in for a car tune up when needed. There's no specific set of services in a car tune up, as it all depends on what your vehicle needs; however, it typically refers to the replacement and adjustment of certain parts in the engine to help it function properly. This includes:

  • Swapping out spark plugs 
  • Replacing the fuel filter 
  • Changing the air filter 
  • Adjusting valves
  • Inspecting belts, hoses and caps
  • Topping off fluids

car maintenance in NC

Is your vehicle due for a car tune up in Charlotte?

All of this car maintenance is done on an as-needed basis, but it's important to keep up with your vehicle's engine. The time intervals for a car tune up vary from 25,000-100,000 miles, depending on the vehicle. The best way to know when your vehicle is due for a car tune up is by checking your owner's manual or by bringing it to our Toyota Service Center to let our professionals do a thorough inspection! 

There are also signs you can look out for that may indicate your vehicle is due for a car tune up. If your vehicle is experiencing any of these problems, it's probably time for this car maintenance in Charlotte.

  • Depreciating fuel efficiency: If you notice your vehicle doesn't get the same fuel efficiency it used to, it may have a clogged or dirty fuel filter, or worn spark plugs. Both issues can easily be resolved with car tune up in Charlotte.

  • Stalling: If your vehicle stalls a lot you may need a new set of spark plugs, as your spark plugs are necessary to start your engine. This is a quick and affordable auto service we offer at our Toyota Service Center.

  • Difficulty starting: There are a number of reasons your vehicle can be hard to start, such as problems with the battery, electrical components, ignition system, fuel pump and more! Let our professional technicians diagnose the problem for you and fix it with a car maintenance in Charlotte!

  • Rough idling or acceleration: This problem typically comes from problems within the engine. This should be taken care of immediately before it causes further damage and expensive auto repairs.

Visit Toyota of N Charlotte for a car tune up or any other car maintenance you need today! We're located at 13429 Statesville Rd. in Huntersville. Give our service center a call at (888) 378-1214 to set up an appointment. Don't forget to check out our Toyota service coupons to save some money!


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