Oil Changes in N Charlotte

Get your oil changed at Toyota of North Charlotte!

Getting your oil changed on a regular basis is one of the best things you can do for your car's health and longevity. Many people don't realize that when you neglect to change your oil on a regular basis, huge problems can arise. At Toyota of N Charlotte, we offer express oil changes right on-site! We're sticklers for keeping maintenance schedules and will be able to tell you exactly when your oil needs to be changed next, as well as when your other routine maintenance services are required. No more guessing when your oil change is due!

Oil changes are necessary to a car's performance

Oil is necessary to make your engine function properly. Without oil, your engine would not be able to run ? so your car won't be going anywhere! If your vehicle's oil isn't changed on a regular basis, it could also shorten the lifespan of your car or result in costly repairs. At the N Charlotte Toyota service center
, we can check your oil for you to make sure you not only have the proper level for your car, but also ensure it's clean. Getting an oil change near Charlotte couldn't be any easier at our Certified Toyota Service Center!Cheap oil changes near Charlotte

Don't forget you need to have your oil filter changed, too. If you have clean oil but a dirty filter, it won't do your engine any good. You might as well still have dirty oil! There's also a chance that your oil will not need to be changed but your filter will. It all depends on climate and the conditions you drive in on a daily basis; be proactive and have both your oil and oil filter checked on a regular basis. 

It's important to know how to check your oil, so you know when you should head into Toyota of N Charlotte for an oil change (if you aren't already on a maintenance schedule). Just turn off your car, open up your hood and find your oil dipstick, which is located near the engine. Pull the dipstick out; take a rag and wipe it off. Look at the color of the oil on the rag. If it's a very dark color or brown and grimy-looking, it's time to head into our Toyota Service Center in N Charlotte for an oil change. If the oil on the rag is light brown or yellow, then you're good to go. Not time for an oil change yet!

What happens if I don't change my oil?

Unfortunately, if you don't change your oil your engine will suffer, and replacing an engine is extremely costly. The oil in your car runs through your engine, insuring that the pistons and valves all move smoothly and seamlessly. Without oil, friction occurs in your engine. The debris in dirty oil also causes friction. Friction creates high amounts of heat, which can actually fuse your engine together - resulting in a seized engine. Replacing an engine that has seized is not an easy or low-cost repair! 

N Charlotte oil changes

Do your car and your wallet a favor, and begin an oil change schedule here in N Charlotte! We have Toyota certified technicians to work on your car in our state-of-the-art service center near Charlotte. There are always part and service specials going on, so be sure to ask about them! If you need your oil changed in N Charlotte, call our service center at (888) 378-1214, to schedule an appointment today!

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