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There's a lot going on under the hood of your vehicle. There may even be some parts you're not aware of, including the serpentine belt. This is an important Charlotte auto part as it is vital to your battery running and your car operating smoothly. While you may not have known the importance of the serpentine belt, our Toyota Service Center in Charlotte wants you to know the importance of servicing this auto part.

What does the serpentine belt do?

The serpentine belt, also known as the drive belt, is a belt made of rubber that transports power to and from different components under the hood of your car. The serpentine wraps around components like the alternator, power steering, air conditioning, and water pump, and connects them to the crankshaft of the engine. Without this Charlotte auto part, none of the electrical accessories of the car will work because the car battery will not get charged.

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Do you need a drive belt replacement in Charlotte?

Fortunately, serpentine belts are built to last. The life expectancy of these drive belts typically average 60,000 to 100,000 miles. Depending on the manufacturer, some belts need to be tensioned or adjusted occasionally. Over time, the rubber of a drive belt can become cracked or worn. Temperatures can get pretty high under the hood of a car and heat can cause these cracks. As serpentine belts age, they also have a tendency to slip. When this Charlotte auto part becomes misaligned or is contaminated with fluid, you should have your car brought to our Toyota Service Center immediately. Our expert auto service technicians in Charlotte can inspect your belt and have it back in tiptop shape in no time.

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There are a few signs that your car will give you if you're due to have your serpentine belt serviced or replaced. These warning signs include:

  • A chirp or squeal: If the serpentine belt begins to slip, it will emit a squealing sound while the car is running. Our Charlotte Toyota service techs say this is because a pulley is not working correctly, the belt needs to be tensioned, or that the belt is too worn.
  • Loss of performance: If your power steering fails or your car battery suddenly drains, you have an issue with your serpentine belt. 
  • Check engine light: This indicator light is a sign that you should bring your car to our Charlotte Toyota Service Center immediately. A check engine light could mean there is a problem with your serpentine belt.

Driving with an old or worn belt is risky. If your belt were to break while driving, parts like your car's water pump, air conditioner, alternator, and power steering will stop working, eventually causing your vehicle to stop working. These damages could cost you even more in Charlotte auto repairs than just routine car maintenance to service a belt. Rather than waiting for a disaster to happen, bring your vehicle to our Charlotte Toyota Service Center to have your serpentine belt inspected and replaced.

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