Toyota Corolla Recommended Maintenance

Did you just get behind the wheel of a Toyota Corolla near Charlotte? We're very excited for you! The N Charlotte Toyota Corolla is a stylish, edgy, and fun car! It's equipped with advanced features both inside the cabin and under the hood. We bet you want to keep your car feeling brand new! In order for you to keep your car in top-notch shape and feeling new, you must properly maintain it. That's why our team at our N Charlotte Toyota dealership is sharing Toyota Corolla recommended maintenance tips! 

Keep your N Charlotte Toyota Corolla feeling new with these tips! 

N Charlotte Toyota recommended maintenance

Fluids and oil 

Fluids: Checked every 5,000 miles 

There are many different fluids that flow through your N Charlotte Toyota Corolla. To keep it working properly, come get them inspected every 5,000 miles and see if they need to be topped off. Some of the different fluids include transmission, coolant, brake, and more. The technician can also let you know when you may need to get them flushed and replenished. 

Oil and filter change: Change conventional oil every 5,000 miles, change synthetic oil every 10,000 miles 

Oil is what keeps your car working smoothly and efficiently. It's really important to get your oil changed when it's needed! However, there are different types of oils, such as conventional and synthetic. They require different care. So make sure you know what oil you're using in your Toyota Corolla near Charlotte. Don't neglect to bring in your car to our auto service center; avoiding an oil change can lead to engine failure!


Inspection: Every 5,000 miles 

Have our technicians visually inspect and test out your Toyota Corolla's battery every 5,000 miles. The checkup allows them to determine the power level and if it needs to be replaced soon. Without a proper working battery you won't get anywhere! 

Replacement: Every 3-4 years 

A car battery has a lifespan of about four years! However, it all changes depending on your driving habits. That's why it's important to get it inspected! If you hear it faulting when you turn on the ignition on your Toyota Corolla, you may need to get it replaced. Bring it to our auto service center at our Toyota dealership near Charlotte to get it done in no time! 

Recommended maintenance for your new Toyota Corolla 

new Toyota Corolla


Rotated: Every 5,000 miles 

The tires on your Toyota Corolla near Charlotte face a lot of obstacles on its daily commute; that causes wear and tear. That's why Toyota of N Charlotte recommends getting them rotated every 5,000 miles. This helps extend the lifespan of your tires! 

Alignment: As needed 

Car tire alignments aren't needed as often as rotations. There are some cases when you must get them aligned, such as when you replace your tires or if you've been in a collision. However, depending on how your driving is, you may need to get it aligned, but that's up to the technician's discretion. 


Inspection: Every 5,000 miles

In order to ensure your brake system is in proper working condition, have it inspected every 5,000 miles. Our N Charlotte Toyota service certified technicians can check if everything is in top-notch shape. You can avoid brake failure in your new Toyota Corolla near Charlotte with quick brake checkups. 

Brake pads replacement: Every 3-4 years 

The brake pads are what apply the pressure onto the wheels to make your car come to a safe stop. If they're worn out it may take longer to stop or you may not stop. The lifespan is usually 3-4 years, but it can vary depending on your driving habits. Rule of thumb is to get them replaced around this time to ensure you're safe behind the wheel of your N Charlotte Toyota Corolla. 

Recommended maintenance reminders

There are a few other things that you should check and replace during your time driving the Toyota Corolla. Keep these in mind when you visit our auto service center near Charlotte: 

  • Windshield wipers and fluid
  • Air filters
  • Headlight restoration 
  • Bulb replacement 

If you have any questions regarding recommended maintenance on your new Toyota Corolla, visit our auto service center at Toyota of N Charlotte! We're located at 13429 Statesville Road.



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