Let our Toyota Service Team help when your brakes fail

One day you're cruising down the road but when you step on the brake nothing happens! It's a terrifying feeling! What should you do when your brakes unpredictably fail? Our Charlotte Toyota Service Team wants to make sure you're staying on top of your brake service, as well as share a few tips on what to do if your brakes fail! Prevent unwanted situations such as these with routine brake service at Toyota of N Charlotte!

Avoid brake failure with regular brake service at our Charlotte Toyota Service Center! 

Toyota brake service in Charlotte

If you're ever in the position where your brake system fails, we want to get you to a safe stop! Don't panic! It's important to keep calm during the situation to ensure you can get to safety as soon as possible! Follow these suggested steps from our Toyota Service brake service Technicians in Charlotte: 

Slow down! 

Allow the car to slow down! Remove your foot off the gas pedal and if possible shift into a lower gear.  If you're using cruise control make sure to turn it off! This will help the vehicle slow down on its own. 

Warn other drivers

Turn on your hazard lights and honk when surrounded by cars. Let other drivers around you know that you have a problem and to keep their distance. 

Try again

Step on the brakes again, but this time try applying more pressure. You can also pump on the brakes. This may help rebuild pressure and allow you to stop! 

Move out of the way

Make your way out of traffic and into roads where you have more space to slow down. If you're on the highway, drive on the shoulder or try to get off the highway. Turn and switch lanes to create friction, but be careful doing this if you're traveling at high speed! You don't want to lose control of your car. If there are grassy areas near the road try to get close to them. The traction with the grass can help you slow down. 

Emergency brakes

Once you have slowed down and you're in a safe area, SLOWLY pull/push on the emergency brake! The emergency brake stops the rear wheels and if you pull it too fast you might lose control of the car. 

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Once you've come to a safe stop make sure to park and turn off your car. Call for help! Don't drive the car until you have your brakes serviced. Tow your car to our Toyota Service Department in Charlotte and let our Toyota certified brake service technicians fix it! Once they complete the brake service your car will be back in top notch shape!


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