5 tips to care for your car’s windshield wipers

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When was the last time you took a good, long look at your windshield wipers? They may seem like a nonessential part, but they’re actually very important to your car’s overall performance AND the safety factor in your drive time. After all, they keep your windshield clear in inclement conditions so you have a full field of vision when you’re behind the wheel. Luckily, they’re easy to maintain and replace and Toyota of N Charlotte’s auto service techs are here to explain to you how to care for this very important part.

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How can you care for your windshield wipers and save money?

Tip #1: Don’t run the wipers on a dry windshield.

Your windshield wipers are designed to work on a wet surface. When you run them across a dry windshield, there’s a lot of resistance on the wiper’s rubber. This can cause damage and tears on the rubber, making them wear out a lot faster than they should. Before you run them to get pollen or streaks off the glass, wet the windshield with your wiper fluid.

Tip #2: Inspect your windshield wipers for damage routinely. 

It’s important to routinely inspect different parts of your car like your tires, battery, engine bay, headlights, and brakes. Add your windshield wipers to that list. You should give them a once-over every two weeks or so. Pull them off the glass and check the overall condition, especially the rubber. If you notice any damage then it’s time to replace them so they can properly do their job. Wipers that are in bad condition won’t clear your windshield the way they should.

Tip #3: Don’t use them to scrape frost or ice off of your windshield. 

Never use your windshield wipers to scrape frost or ice off the windshield. This can quickly damage the rubber on them, rendering them useless. Our Charlotte auto service techs recommend using an ice scraper or even a credit card to get the ice off the glass first; then you can run the wipers to clear off the debris.

Tip #4: Keep your windshield clean. 

When your windshield is dirty your wipers have to work harder to get it clean, and sticky spots or debris on the glass can damage them and make them useless to you. You know those squeegees at the gas station? Use them to clean your windshield when you’re stopped to get gas. You’re making your wipers last longer and saving yourself money!

Tip #5: Replace them on a routine basis. 

Wipers do wear out, just like any other part. You’ll need to replace them on a routine basis – usually once or twice a year, unless you put them through a lot of stress and wear them out faster. Some signs that they need to be replaced? They leave streaks on your windshield or don’t clear it properly, or making a squeaking noise when they go across the glass.

Replace this important part at Toyota of N Charlotte

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