Are highway miles worse than city miles for your car’s condition?

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When it comes to mileage, is one type really better than the other? After all, most people just worry about the overall number of miles on the car. The higher the number, the more they tend to shy away from purchasing that particular vehicle. Higher mileage cars tend to need a bit more work and money put into them in order to keep them in good shape, and you’re also more likely to run into expensive repairs to stay out on the road. However, the type of miles put on a car can really make a difference.

Charlotte highway miles

Should you care about highway miles vs city miles?

A car’s mileage is composed of city miles or highway miles – but which is actually worse for the car? Toyota of N Charlotte is here to explain the difference so when you ask potential sellers which their car has more of, you’ll be able to process the answer wisely. Let’s get started!

City miles 

City miles are the miles accumulated while driving in urban and suburban areas – i.e., areas where there is a good amount of traffic and lots of stop signs and stoplights. Translated, this means a lot of stop-and-go activity for your car as you navigate to your final destination. All of that braking and accelerating is bad for your engine, transmission, and brakes. Stop-and-go traffic also kills your fuel efficiency so your gas costs go up. Additionally, city and suburban roads often have potholes and rough patches from constant maintenance and construction. All of that is rough on your suspension! Finally, you’ll have a lot more cars around you, which means a higher risk of collisions and accidents.

Highway miles

Most people think highway miles are harder on a car. You’re driving long distances and putting your engine through a lot by making it maintain a high speed for a long period of time. However, highway miles are actually easier on your car! You may be traveling long distances, but this is actually good for your battery and alternator as it lets them charge properly. It’s also better for fuel efficiency because you’re traveling at constant speeds… which is subsequently better for your engine and transmission. Cruise control further enhances all of these positive performance aspects! Plus, you’re less likely to encounter rough patches and potholes on a highway, and you’re also less likely to get into an accident because there are fewer chances of being in bumper-to-bumper traffic.

Decide what type of miles you prefer before shopping Charlotte used cars

Overall, highway miles are easier on a vehicle. So next time you’re shopping for a Charlotte used car, take the time to ask your seller what TYPE of miles have been put on the car in addition to the number. It can help you get a better idea of what kind of condition the car is in before you decide to put it in your driveway.

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