City vs highway mileage: which is worse?

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Your odometer says a lot about your car in terms of wear and tear and how many miles you’ve accumulated. But, what it won’t tell you is how those miles were accumulated. The age-old debate between highway and city driving mileage and which is worse for your N Charlotte Toyota vehicle is one that’s still argued today. Both driving environments will cause wear and tear on your vehicle, but one could be worse than the other. We at Toyota of North Charlotte have dug into the details of this debate to find out which driving mileage is worse for your vehicle.

Driving mileage explained by Toyota of N Charlotte

Highway driving mileage

You’d think that highway miles would put more wear on your vehicle. After all, you’re driving at higher speeds for longer periods of time. But, think again! Turns out, driving on the highway is much more beneficial to your N Charlotte Toyota’s engine because of the consistency in your drive. Your engine is working at a more consistent rpm when compared to the stop and go traffic flow of driving in the city, you’re not constantly shifting gears, and you’re not using your brakes as often. There’s less stress on your transmission, your engine is more tuned, and this type of driving mileage even helps your battery and alternator maintain better charge. The benefits of driving on the highway don’t stop there! Highways are typically better maintained than city roads and you’re less likely to run into potholes or similar road hazards. However, because you’re driving farther distances, your odometer will accumulate miles faster and could potentially hurt your resale value when it comes time to trade in your N Charlotte Toyota vehicle.

City driving mileage

Compared to driving on the highway, city driving mileage will give you a much lower odometer reading at the end of the day. But, that’s about where the benefits end. The constant acceleration and deceleration causes your transmission to wear down more quickly and your brakes take some punishment with all the stop and go traffic. City roads are also typically less maintained than highway roads and you could be more likely to run into potholes and other road hazards. Your suspension could get damaged and because of the limited space and parking areas in the city you might wind up with a few dings and scratches. Ultimately, your N Charlotte vehicle will have a lower odometer reading with city driving mileage, but it will negatively affect your vehicle’s overall condition and integrity.

Finding the right driving mileage balance

Even with all the benefits that come with highway driving mileage, your N Charlotte Toyota vehicle will inevitably experience wear and tear and there’s no guarantee of better longevity driving exclusively one or the other. Driving a balance between the two and staying on top of regularly scheduled auto maintenance will keep your vehicle driving for miles to come. If you need to get your vehicle on a regular maintenance schedule, come by Toyota of North Charlotte!


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