DIY Style: How to change your engine oil

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Changing your Charlotte Toyota engine oil is an auto service that needs to be done frequently. Also, how long the engine oil lasts depends on what type of engine oil you put in your Toyota car. Of course, you can take your car to our Charlotte Toyota auto service technicians if you need more assistance to change your oil. However, if you can’t make it to our dealership, then we’ve got a DIY style just for you! 

Tools you’ll need change your engine oil 

  • Engine oil (determine which type you need)
  • Oil filter (research which type you need)
  • Oil filter wrench
  • Socket and wrench set
  • Jack and jack stands
  • Funnel 

engine oil

Step #1 Prepare your car. 

Be sure to park your car on a level surface and open the hood to get to your engine. 

Step #2 Find the drain plug. 

Go underneath your car and put your Charlotte Toyota engine oil container under the drain plug. 

Step #3 Loosen the drain plug. 

Use a ratcheting wrench (appropriate size socket) and loosen the drain plug counterclockwise. Be sure not to remove it entirely from the oil pan. Don’t be alarmed if your engine oil starts to drip. This is normal. 

Step #4 Drain your Charlotte Toyota engine oil. 

Remove the drain plug and prepare for the stream of Charlotte Toyota oil to pour out (have your fluid container ready). This is going to take a couple of minutes so grab a magazine and catch up on all of the celebrity gossip! 

Step #5 Change the oil filter. 

As soon as your oil is done draining, go ahead and change the oil filter. If your car has a screw-on oil filter, then remove the filter by twisting it off. Be sure to apply a light coat of oil to the rubber “O-ring,” too! On the other hand, if your car uses a cartridge filter, remove the cap from the filter housing and swap the old with the new! 

Step #6 Reinstall the drain plug. 

A new drain plug will typically come with your oil filter, but if it doesn’t then you can always look it up! 

Step #7 Fill ‘er up with new oil. 

Locate the oil fill cap in the engine and remove it. Use your funnel to start pouring in that golden elixir. 

Step #8 Check the oil level. 

Take the dipstick out and remove the oil with a cloth, then place the dipstick in the tube again. Now, you can see the oil reading and determine if you put enough into your Toyota car. 

Step #9 Put the filler cap on. 

Once the filler cap is sealed, you can start your Charlotte Toyota engine. Let your car run for a little and see if there are any oil leaks. 

Step #10 Clean up!

Throw away (or recycle) everything that you don’t need and clean up the tools that you used. 

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