How to use cruise control: A N Charlotte Toyota guide

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Do you know how to use cruise control? We mean REALLY use it – not just press the button and hope for the best. Although this feature is all about efficiency and simplifying your drive time, it’s not as simple as it may seem at first glance to put to use properly. Toyota of N Charlotte is here with a quick guide full of tips on how to safely and properly use cruise control to boost your fuel efficiency and make your drive time that much easier. Check it out!

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Use this quick guide to safely use your cruise control feature

Tip #1: Know when to use it. 

Cruise control is a feature that’s designed to keep your car at a constant speed; this helps to enhance your fuel efficiency and also keep you from experiencing fatigue in your left foot and leg from holding the pedal down over long periods of time. That’s why it’s best used on the highway when you’re moving at a constant speed for longer stretches. Using this feature really isn’t appropriate in suburban or urban areas because you’re constantly stopping and going due to pedestrians, stop signs, stoplights, etc. Avoid using cruise control unless you’re on the highway.

Tip #2: Gauge traffic conditions before turning it on. 

However, even the highway can be inappropriate for using cruise control at times. You should always gauge the traffic around your N Charlotte Toyota before you push the button to enable this feature. You don’t want to use it if you’re in heavy traffic, if conditions aren’t steadily moving along, or if you’re in a group of cars with a lot of other vehicles around you. Only use it when you can hit the open road and continue to move at a constant speed without interruption.

Tip #3: Never use it in bad weather. 

You should NEVER use cruise control in rain, snow, ice, or sleet. Cruise control takes the “active” element out of your driving- you’re basically putting your N Charlotte Toyota on autopilot. This is a bad idea in these conditions because the roads become slick and dangerous and you need to be able to constantly adjust your speed and react to the movements of the vehicles around you in an instant. Only use this feature when the roads are dry and the weather is good.

Tip #4: Avoid using it on hilly, mountainous, or winding roads. 

It’s also a bad idea to use cruise control when you’re driving in hilly or mountainous topography, or if the roads are winding. When you set this feature, it just knows to keep your car at a constant speed. It can’t anticipate that you’re going to be going down a steep hill (which makes you pick up considerable speed) or that you’re about to hit a curve, and it won’t slow accordingly. You need to be able to adjust your speed quickly.

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Toyota of N Charlotte has all the tips you need!

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