Is your car using too much oil? Our auto service techs explain.

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Is your car using too much oil in between your auto service appointments?

Believe it or not, it’s possible for you to tell even if you aren’t an expert when it comes to what goes on under the hood. There are telltale signs that your car is using too much oil and our Charlotte auto service experts are here to share them with you. Learn how to spot trouble when it comes to your ride and its oil consumption!

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Why is it detrimental for your car to use too much oil?

What’s so bad about your car using too much oil in between your Charlotte auto service appointments? Well, besides the fact it costs money to replace it, it can also spell trouble for your ride. Remember, oil is what keeps your engine cool and lubricated so it doesn’t overheat and all of the parts can seamlessly work together. If you’re running through oil too quickly, you can face big problems with your engine overheating and subsequent damage.

How do you know your car is using too much oil? Think of it this way – you schedule your Charlotte oil changes anywhere from every 3,000 to 10,000 miles, depending on the type of motor oil you use under the hood. If you’re putting in extra oil in between changes, then your car is burning through oil too quickly. You can check oil levels by removing the dipstick and checking to see where the oil level is; it should be in between the two tic marks on the dipstick.

Why is your car burning through oil too quickly? Here are some of the major reasons:

  • You have an oil leak somewhere. Be on the lookout for small puddles of oil under the car.
  • You’re not using the right TYPE of motor oil. If the oil you’re using is too low-quality for your car, then you’re likely to use it more quickly as your car tries to keep up with performance demands.
  • You need new valve stem seals. When these seals give way, oil leaks into the combustion chamber of your car. (A surefire sign of this is seeing a blue-black cloud of smoke coming out of your exhaust while you drive).
  • You have a worn cylinder piston. In this case, you’re using more oil because these pistons regulate both oil pressure and consumption. If they give out, everything gets thrown out of whack.
  • There’s a defect in your crankcase ventilation system. This affects the pressure inside your engine and can mess up oil usage (and in some cases, cause leaks).
  • Your oil rings are sticking. With this problem, you’ll notice that your oil has a smell like gasoline because gas is actually leaking into it.

Let our Charlotte auto service techs help you remedy your oil problems

Think your car is using too much oil? Let our Charlotte auto service techs help! They can conduct an inspection of your ride and put things right to get you back on the road quickly. Call Toyota of N Charlotte’s auto service center today to schedule your appointment at (704) 875-9199!


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