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Checking your tires sounds simple – you just give them a once-over to ensure they’re in good condition, right? Wrong – there’s actually a lot more that goes into a tire inspection! Toyota of N Charlotte can perform this important car maintenance for you, but if you’re in a rush and don’t have time to visit our auto service center, you can take care of it in your own driveway. Here are the tips and tools you need to inspect your car tires, DIY-style!

Tire Care

DIY tire inspections are quick and easy

Step 1: Do a visual inspection. You’ll want to carefully examine the entire tire – all four of them – and look for things like bulges, punctures, cracks, or any other physical damage. Any of these factors can cause a flat or blowout, so if you notice damage you should immediately bring your car to our Charlotte Toyota Service Center to have the tire either repaired or replaced.

Step 2: Check your tire tread. The easiest way to do this is to perform the penny test. Take a penny and put it upside down (so Honest Abe’s head is touching the tire) in between the treads. If you can see the top of his head still, you need new tires! You’ll also want to make sure the tread is wearing evenly, and make sure you can’t see the tread wear bars, which run parallel across the tread and indicate when it’s getting too shallow. If you see Abe’s head, tread wear bars, or uneven tread, you may want to bring your ride into Toyota of N Charlotte for a tire inspection.

Step 3: Check your valve cap. Make sure it’s still there, for starters, and also inspect for damage. They keep moisture and debris out of your tire, so it’s essential that they’re able to do their job.

Step 4: Check tire pressure. You’ll need a tire pressure gauge tool to do this (which we can get you at our Charlotte auto parts store); simply remove the valve cap and press the gauge on the stem to see if the PSI is what it’s supposed to be (you can get the recommended PSI in your owner’s manual). If it’s too low or too high, it can severely impact both traction and fuel efficiency. Have our auto service techs fix the PSI for you to ensure your safety!

Affordable tire replacement

Step 5: Take note of how your car is riding. Does it feel like it’s riding rough or vibrating a lot? This can indicate an issue with your tires, so bring them in for an official tire inspection if you can’t seem to figure out the issue.

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