Shows to Watch While You Work From Home

July 17th, 2020 by

If TV binging has been popular before working from home, imagine now. With so many adults having to work from home, it’s safe to say that streaming services have become their best friend. If you feel you’ve already watched everything you could possibly watch on Netflix then… you’re wrong. It’s almost impossible to have watched everything! What we do suggest is Toyota of North Charlotte is to get out of your comfort zone and try a different genre! If you’re into murder mysteries, try a teen drama; if you’re into shows that take place today, try a period show! You’d be surprised at the possibilities of you liking something different. Here’s a list of Binge-worthy shows you can watch on Netflix while you’re still working from home!

Binge-Worthy Shows to Watch on Netflix

1. Avatar: the Last Airbender

Toyota of N Charlotte shares binge worthy shows for while you're working from home.

Not too long ago, Netflix acquired Avatar—not the James Cameron film. For some, this show brings back memories of their childhood from when it used to air on Nickelodeon. For others, it’s something new. It’s an anime show that centers on the titular character, Aang who is a master of the elements. He and his companions go on quests to settle an ongoing feud with the Fire Nation. The show is comedic, has drama, mystery, and is still considered a “masterclass” in storytelling.

2.   The Good Place

Have you ever heard of a dumb-smart show? If you watch The Good Place, you’ll definitely understand what we mean. Kristen Bell and Ted Danson star in this quirky, dumb-smart sitcom where you’ll hear a fart joke in the same minute as a compelling philosophy lesson. Eleanor Shellstrop (Bell) mistakenly ends up in “the Good Place” —the afterlife neighborhood created by a Cosmic Architect names Michael (Danson). Now she has to hide her true self and go through different obstacles in order to not end up in “the Bad Place”.

3.    Breaking Bad

If you didn’t join the bandwagon back when it was airing on AMC, then you can join the bandwagon on Netflix and not have to wait every week for a new episode! Walter White—played by Bryan Cranston—is a high school chemistry teacher that’s diagnosed with cancer. In order to secure his family’s finances before he dies, he uses his background in chemistry to cook and deal premium meth. Battling morality and family issues will have you sitting on the edge of your seat. We don’t recommend watching this in front of children.

4.    The Twilight Zone

If you’re a fan of Black Mirror, try watching The Twilight Zone. It’s also an anthology series that explores political issues of the 20th century. Each episode tells a unique story in the realms of sci-fi, horror, etc. We’ll admit, the graphics and makeup are cheesy, but it’s a product of its time with stories that still stand today.

We hope we sparked some interest in new shows to explore while you work from home. For more suggestion, tips, and tricks, check out our blog every week!

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