Synthetic vs. Conventional Oil

November 19th, 2018 by

One of the most important items to maintain your N. Charlotte Toyota is making sure you’re changing its oil regularly. The motor oil is what allows your car to run smoothly by absorbing excess heat and containing additives that assist in cleaning foul harmful chemicals. Anyhow, did you know that there is more than one type of motor oil that exists? The two main ones are synthetic and conventional and each carry pros and cons that have to be considered when deciding which type of motor oil you want to use for your N. Charlotte Toyota.

The difference between synthetic and conventional motor oil

First things first, judging by the names of the type of motor oil, one could tell that conventional oil is made from natural resources. In more depth, it’s distilled and refined from crude oil which is a naturally occurring liquid fossil fuel. On the contrary, synthetic oil is created artificially molecule by molecule from chemical compounds that allude to the best properties of natural oil. This makes it tailor to the specific qualifications of modern vehicle engines.

When it comes to the disadvantage of the type of motor oil you use in your N. Charlotte Toyota, conventional oil takes the lead in the composition. Again, the purpose of oil is to keep things running in your car, in order to do so it has to slither through the engine to keep it smooth. However, as it moves through the engine the oil degrades—leaving dangerous deposits that create sludge. If not taken seriously, this can cause a decrease in your N. Charlotte Toyota’s engine performance. Synthetic oil on the other hand has fewer impurities so it’s less prone to getting sludge and the engine stays cleaner.

Something to consider when choosing which type of motor oil to use for your N. Charlotte Toyota is the weather. It seems strange but extreme temperatures actually have an impact on the oil’s function. For instance, synthetic oil would be the best choice to use in the winter because it heats better, and doesn’t get thick in the cold.  In references to prices, conventional oil will be less expensive than synthetic oil. The price ranges from $30-$45 for conventional oil while synthetic oil ranges from $70-$100. Although the prices significantly differ, the longevity is something to consider as well. There’s a third option is available which is the synthetic/conventional blend. Just as you hear it in its name, this type of motor oil is a combination of synthetic and conventional oil. With the best of both worlds it performs better than conventional oil, yet still at a lower price than synthetic oil.

Get an oil change at Toyota of N. Charlotte!

We get it, we just hit you with a load of information on the type of motor oil possibilities for your car and you still don’t know which is best suited for your N. Charlotte Toyota. Not to worry, you could consult with one of our auto service techs and he or she could let you know which type of motor oil your car should take.  You could even double check with your owner’s manual! Schedule your next oil change at Toyota of N. Charlotte and we’ll be glad to help. We’re located at 13429 Statesville Rd.


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