Taking Care of your Spare

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As a good car owner, the way to live up to your title would be by scheduling routine tire care for your Charlotte Toyota vehicle as needed, making sure your tires are rotated and replaced on a regular basis, having them inflated to the correct PSI, and even just inspecting them are all the normal checks people usually do. However, something car owners fail to do is to regularly check their spare tire! If you feel bad you’re the only one that forgets, don’t. It’s easy to forget about your spare tire, especially if it hasn’t been used yet. It’s better late than never when realizing that your spare Charlotte Toyota tire also needs your attention. Here at Toyota of North Charlotte, we’ve got some guidelines you can use to care for your spare tire and avoid any inconvenient trouble when you’re in the middle of changing a flat.

Toyota of North Charlotte's guide to taking care of your your spare

How to take car of your spare tire by Toyota of North Charlotte

Have the spare tire, as well as all the necessary tools to change your flat. You will need a jack to be able to lift your car up, and a lug wrench to be able to take off the lug nuts from the tires to then tighten them back on the spare. Still, having a backup Charlotte Toyota tire with no jack or lug wrench is practically the same as not having a spare and vice versa. Therefore, if you are missing any of these tools call Toyota of North Charlotte to get yourself situated.

Inspect your spare tires for any damage. Even though your spare tire isn’t rolling around through the streets of the Charlotte area, this doesn’t mean that it’s immune to damage. With this in mind, make sure that you inspect your spare for any signs of blistering, sidewall separation, deterioration, etc.

Regularly check the PSI levels of your spare tire. Again, forgetting about your spare tire is easy because it’s always put away and never in sight. Nevertheless, you still do need to check the inflation levels on a regular basis. The worst thing to happen would be trying to change your flat tire and realizing that your spare tire is also flat! So check your spare bi-weekly so that you could add air as needed.

Give special attention to spare tires that are mounted on your Charlotte Toyota exterior. If your spare tire is mounted on the exterior of your Charlotte Toyota, it is susceptible to becoming more vulnerable due to the rain, heat, dirt, snow, etc. In this case, checking the condition of your spare once or twice a month can help you avoid any problems when it comes down to having to use your spare.

Make your life easier and schedule tire service at Toyota of North Charlotte. Don’t be afraid to ask our techs to check your spare tire as well! It’s our job to make sure you’re prepared and ready for any car situation that may come about. Call us today at (704) 659-2025! We’re open seven days a week located at 13429 Statesville Rd.

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