Tips for Upcoming Teen Drivers

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On a cold day in the eve of spring your not so little baby shows up with their learner’s permit. It was then that you realized that your baby has officially become a teen driver—and you might just be more terrified than ever. Have no fear, Toyota of N. Charlotte is here and we’ve got some tips for your teen driver to follow so they can travel to all of their destinations safe and sound.

Toyota of N. Charlotte gives tips for teen drivers

What your teen driver should know before driving around N. Charlotte

Tip #1: Choose a safe car

Obviously your teen driver is going to be attracted to sports cars and luxury vehicles—but tell them to hold their horses. As a first vehicle its best to choose something that is safe, has great fuel efficiency, and inexpensive to maintain. N. Charlotte Toyotas offer all of those qualities! We even have Toyotas with newly redesigned exteriors like the 2019 RAV4!

Tip #2: Seat belts are a must

Make sure your teen driver knows how important it is to wear seat belts while in the car. Make a rule that the car shouldn’t leave the driveway until everyone has their seat belt on. It’s non-negotiable.

Tip #3: Have a limit on passengers

Your teen driver is fairly new when it comes to instincts, so their undivided attention should be on the road when they’re driving their N. Charlotte Toyota. With all the excitement of friends wanting to be carpooling together, this could cause your teen driver to get distracted and may even cause a car accident. Therefore, limit the amount of passengers in their car for a couple of months till they get accustomed to driving.

Tip #4: No texting

Texting and driving is an obvious tip. Not only teens should follow this—adults too! Remember, your safety is very valuable and it’s not worth risking it for a message that can wait till you get to your destination.

Tip #5: Review the rules of the road

Make sure your teen knows the rules of the road in N. Charlotte. It’s important to know these by heart because they have to be prepared for anything that comes their way and react to it.

Tip #6: Teach them basic car maintenance

Becoming a driver comes with great responsibility—and one of those responsibilities is keeping up with the basic car maintenance. Teach your teen how important it is to schedule regular oil changes, tire rotations, brake service, etc. Our N. Charlotte auto service techs can help you with whatever you need!

Tip #7: Go over frequent car emergencies

If your teen’s N. Charlotte Toyota gets a flat tire, will they know what to do or what protocol to take? What about if they have a dead car battery? Make sure you go over with them what to do in the event any of those things happen.

Have your teen driver take on the road safely. We have a wide selection of vehicles that are both aesthetically pleasant, safe to drive, and great on fuel. Take a look at our inventory today! Toyota of N. Charlotte is located at 13429 Statesville Rd in Huntersville.

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