Watch Out For These Bad Car Smells

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Have you ever been in a hurry in the morning, gather all of your things for work and get inside your car, only to realize that your car smells? As much as you hate it, you use this time to discover what’s causing it instead of driving off to work. Could it be that you left a smoothie in the back seat? Or you forgot to take out your dirty gym clothes? If it’s neither, then this means that the car smells you’re experiencing were brought about from under the hood of your Charlotte Toyota. Not to worry, Toyota of N. Charlotte is here to explain the different car smells, what they mean, AND what you should do about them.

Toyota of N. Charlotte gives tips on car smells

Car Smells You Should Never Ignore

Smell #1: Burning Carpet

There shouldn’t be a reason for smelling burning carpet in your Charlotte Toyota. But in the event that you do, this means your brake pads are working themselves too much—therefore becoming overheated. Make sure your handbrake (or foot brake) isn’t engaged. Then bring your car in to our Charlotte auto service center.

Smell #2: Hot Oil

When your car smells like oil (not the tasty fried chicken type), then you most likely have a leak under the hood. This usually stems from a leaky valve or seal and requires expertise to put things back to normal.

Smell #3: Sweet Maple Syrup

A sweet syrup scent may not be as sweet in your Charlotte Toyota if you haven’t had pancakes in your car. When your car smells like syrup that means you have ethylene glycol leaking, in other words coolant. Coolant is what literally keeps your car from overheating so make sure you get this fixed as soon as possible.

Smell #4: Gym Locker Room

When your Charlotte Toyota smells like a humid gym locker room when you turn on the AC, this means you have mildew or mold inside the AC system. Most likely it’ll be in the AC condenser. Our auto service techs can help with drying out the system so that the problem could be solved.

Smell #5: Parked at a Gas Station

If you’re not at an actual gas station and the inside of your car smells like gas, then you have a problem. This scent can indicate a leak from the fuel injection or fuel tank vent hose. Whichever the case may be, your Charlotte Toyota is leaking flammable liquid.

Smell #6: Rotten Eggs

Smelling a slight hint of rotten eggs in your car means that you have traces of sulfur in your gas. This can cause hydrogen sulfide in your exhaust. This smell shouldn’t be ignored because you’ll likely have a problem with your catalytic converter or your fuel injection system.

Are you tired of your bad car smells?  You don’t have to put up with it anymore! Schedule auto service with us today! You can call us at 704-659-2025. Toyota of N. Charlotte is located at 13429 Statesville Rd off of I-77 at Exit 23 in Huntersville.

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