What are the Best Toyota Cars in Other Countries 

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At Toyota of N Charlotte and in the United States, we know we have the best Toyota cars and what the best-selling Toyotas are in different countries. But in the U.S., the best-selling Toyotas are the N Charlotte Toyota Camry, Toyota Corolla, Toyota RAV4, Toyota Tacoma, and Toyota Highlander. But, not every single model is available in every country sadly. So, today we’ll be taking a trip around the globe to see what the best Toyota cars are in other countries. Let’s dig in!

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The 411 on the Best Toyota Cars

Europe: At Toyota of N Charlotte, we know that Europe isn’t a country. But, all of the countries that represent the continent of Europe really like the Toyota Yaris. This sporty hatchback is one of the best Toyota cars and a fan favorite of Europeans. This is Toyota’s best-selling car in Europe and the new GR hot hatch is becoming more popular.

Mexico: One of the best Toyota cars in Mexico is the Toyota Hilux. This N Charlotte Toyota truck is similar to the Toyota Tacoma but it offers even more durability. The Toyota Hilux used to be for sale in the U.S., but was retired and isn’t in production in the states. However, this is the best Toyota car in other countries like Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina.

Japan: Japan is literally the headquarters of all things Toyota. So, it would make sense that the best Toyota cars reside here, and for great reason! The best cars here are the Toyota Yaris, Toyota Roomy, Toyota Corolla, and the Toyota Alphard. The Toyota Roomy is a seven-seater that is a mix of an SUV and a minivan but classifies as an SUV. Also, Toyota holds the four top 10 spots for cars in Japan.

Australia: If you go down under to Australia, then you’ll see that Toyota’s are a super popular car there. The fan favorite here is the Toyota Hilux, Toyota Corolla, and Toyota RAV4. This makes sense since there are a lot of outdoor activities there.

Africa: If you head down to Africa, this continent prefers the Toyota Hilux as a whole. This N Charlotte Toyota truck is great for any type of terrain, which makes it the perfect ride for this continent as a whole. Also, the Toyota Corolla, Toyota Fortuner, and Toyota Hiace are super popular here.

Canada: If you head upstairs to our northern neighbor, you’ll find that the Toyota Corolla, Toyota Camry, and Toyota Prius are the most popular cars here. All of these N Charlotte Toyotas are fuel-efficient, safe, and reliable making them a dynamic trio. Also, the Toyota Corolla is only 333 units behind the best-selling car (Honda Civic) in Canada. And, we’re here to let you know that gap will be closing soon!

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