Driving with Worn Out Brake Pads

Driving with worn-out brake pads can be dangerous for you and the drivers around you. If you drive too long with worn-out Charlotte Toyota brakes, then this could lead to a car accident and a huge headache. So, how do you know if your brake pads are worn? Toyota of N Charlotte is about to let you know how to drive with worn pads.

Charlotte Toyota brakes

How Do You Know If They’re Worn? 

There are a couple of telltale signs to determine if you’re driving with worn-out brake pads. Let’s dig into them!

  • Slow Response. 

One of the first signs is a slow response time when braking. If your car’s brake system isn’t responding how it normally does, then this could mean that your Charlotte Toyota car brake pads are worn. And, if you ignore this, then it could lead to a costly fix.

  • Soft Pedals. 

Another sign that you’re driving with worn-out Charlotte Toyota brake pads are soft pedals. If you’re not sure if your brake pedals are soft, then put your foot on the brake and see how much tension there is. If your car brakes feel like a sponge, then it’s time to stop by our dealership and have our auto service technicians check your car out.

  • Vibrations. 

Another great way to see if you’re driving with worn-out Charlotte Toyota brake pads is if you feel any vibrations when you’re driving. This is a huge sign that you need to see our auto service technicians right away.

  • Loud Noises. 

Also, if you hear loud noises while braking, then this is a sign that you’ve worn your brake pads down all the way or that there’s rust on them. If you begin to hear a speaking or grinding sound, then you should bring your car in to get checked out right away.

101 on Driving with Worn Out Brake Pads 

So, how exactly do you go about driving with worn-out brake pads? Well, the best thing to do is not drive the car, but if you have to drive, then try not to brake too hard. Just be sure to know that this can drastically slow the time your car brakes, and could lead to a car accident.

The best way to go about this is to avoid driving the car completely. You can just get a tow to Toyota of N Charlotte and we’ll get your brake pads working perfectly again! However, if you’re unable to tow your car, then try the method stated above by not hard braking on the way to our dealership.

Stop by Toyota of N Charlotte

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