How to Avoid Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is a dangerous practice on the road not only for you but for your passengers as well. If you’ve ever found yourself eating a sandwich, drinking coffee, checking our teeth in the mirror, or replying to a text message, then you’ve definitely engaged in distracted driving. Toyota of N Charlotte is here to explain more details on this driving practice and how you can avoid it. Check it out.

Take a look at these tips to avoid distracted driving, provided by Toyota of N Charlotte.

Distracted Driving Explained

There’s a wide range of behaviors that fall under distracted driving. If you’re doing any of these activities while behind the wheel of your N Charlotte Toyota then you are officially a distracted driver:

  • Talking on the phone without Bluetooth or a headset
  • Eating or drinking
  • Taking your eyes off the road when speaking with other passengers
  • Texting while driving
  • Using your phone to look something up or watch videos

To put succinct, anything that takes your full attention away from driving your N Charlotte Toyota is dangerous and you need to take action to avoid doing it.

Stop Engaging in This Life Threatening Practice in Your N Charlotte Toyota

Now that you have a background story behind the dangers, do you think you know how to avoid it when you’re behind the wheel of your N Charlotte Toyota? If not don’t worry, we’ve got your back!

  • Put away distractions as soon as you get in your vehicle. Even if it means putting your phone away in the glove box or purse, or even downloading an app that prevents you from using it when the car is in motion. Doing whatever it takes to keep you from getting distracted will be worthwhile in the end.
  • Before you head out of your place in the morning, make sure you’re completely ready. By this we mean make sure you’re finished getting dressed, your hair is done, and if you wear any—that your makeup is fully done. Being prepared before getting into your N Charlotte Toyota is one of the keys to avoid bad behavior when driving.
  • Set a good example. Distracted driving is bad no matter when it’s being practiced. But if you’re driving around with a passenger that is learning how to drive, keep in mind that your driving habits are contagious. They’ll mimic you when they get on the road. Besides being a good driving role model for others, think of your safety as well.
  • Use bluetooth technology for phone calls and texts. A lot of your new N Charlotte Toyotas have integrated bluetooth technology that allow you to make hands free phone calls. If you happen to be driving an older vehicle, then we recommend using speakerphone for your phone calls. Both hands on the wheel is vital to the driving process.
  • Keep possessions in their place. The last thing you need is for your phone or any other items to be following around the floor distracting you from the road. You may think looking down to pick it up may be quick, but anything getting in your way on the road is even quicker.

If you have any further questions call Toyota of N Charlotte today at (704)875-9199. We can help you do away with your distracted driving habits and get you into a car with the tech that’ll help you do it.