How to Change a Car Tire

Being a vehicle owner involves so much more than paying your monthly payments and driving. It’s responsibility, knowledge, and dedication to your ride and its upkeep. There are several things that we at Toyota of North Charlotte believe every driver should know like how to check and change your car’s oil, how to change your windshield wiper blades, and how to change your car tire. If you’ve been following along with our many auto service help guides, then you likely know how to do several of these auto service tasks on your own, but changing your Charlotte car tire can be a bit difficult if you don’t know how to get started.

Lucky for you, our auto service techs at Toyota of North Charlotte know a thing or two about changing a tire. Follow along with us and try it for yourself!

N Charlotte car tire replacement

Changing Your Car Tire Made Easy

Auto service can be a bit challenging for many of us. We’re not all well versed in auto service, it’s true. But, that doesn’t mean there aren’t simple jobs you should know how to do for the sake of an emergency or other situation. Thankfully, changing your car tire is nowhere near as difficult as doing an engine swap and we at Toyota of North Charlotte can walk you through how to get it done.

Step 1) Find a flat surface to work on

Using a flat surface is super important when it comes to replacing a car tire on your N Charlotte vehicle. Part of the process involves elevating your car and if that’s done on an inclined surface that could cause your vehicle to roll. Make sure you find a level surface to work on before you get started.

Step 2) Engage the e-brake and jack your car up

There’s a reason why your N Charlotte Toyota car came included with that weird angular metal thing in your trunk. Your car jack is one of two super important tools you’ll be using during this process. First, put your car in park and pull the e-brake before using the jack. After that’s done, find the jack point on your undercarriage. There are four of them, one for each tire, and they look like odd ridges in your undercarriage. Place the jack at an even spot on the jack point and use the lug wrench to extend the jack and lift your car. Your car tire should we well off the ground.

Step 3) Use the lug wrench to remove the lugs and the car tire

After the tire has enough clearance from the ground, it’s time to use the other most important tool of this car care job, the lug wrench. Use the lug wrench to remove the lug nuts that hold your Charlotte tire in place. After this, remove the tire and replace it with the new one or spare. Put the lug nuts back on, make sure they’re tight, and then lower the jack until your tire is back on the ground.

And that’s it! Replacing your car tire is easy and doable for just about any driver. If you still need help or need a car tire replacement, visit Toyota of North Charlotte today at 13429 Statesville Road!