Pet Safety Tips for Car Rides

If your best friend happens to be four-legged and furry, then we know that you’ll do anything to keep them safe in your N Charlotte Toyota. Bringing your pet along for the ride when you hit the road can be a fun experience—even more so when it’s a road trip. But have you taken pet safety into consideration when having your buddy accompany you on these trips? Pet precautions should be taken the same way human passengers take precaution. If you’re not sure how to begin, Toyota of N Charlotte has you covered. Take a look!

Toyota of N Charlotte goes over pet safety tips when you're on the road.


Pet Safety Tips for Your Four-legged Passengers

  • Preparing Your Car
    Make sure your animal(s) is/are safe and comfortable while on the road. There are definitely specific ways you can assure that your N Charlotte Toyota is in order to provide the best environment for your pet.
  • How will they ride? Will they be in a crate or cage? We get it, it sounds like torture but this is probably the best pet safety way to travel. If your furry buddy were roaming free in the car, it can be a distraction for you. Not only that, but if you were to get in a car accident and they’re not restrained, they can undergo serious injuries.
  • If crating or caging isn’t for you, not to worry, there’s still another option… A harness or restraint. There’s a wide variety available so you’re surely be able to find just the right one for your pet. You can pass by our Charlotte Toyota parts store for options. These tools will contribute to your pet safety while still allowing them to sit or lie down.
  • Keep wipes and towels handy. It’s always good to be prepared for spills and accidents. After all, caring for pets are like caring for a baby. So, line your N Charlotte Toyota’s seats with towels.
    Bring snacks for your pets too. Think about it, if you like eating snacks when you’re on a road trip, they most likely do too. Just make sure to bring waste bags. And don’t forget a leash, toys, and a water dish.


  • Once You Hit the Highway
    Now that you have instilled pet safety measures in your N Charlotte Toyota, it’s time to hit the road. Don’t forget there’s still other considerations to take when you’re driving with your pet in the backseat.
  • Don’t let your pet hang their head out of the window of your car. While they may be bringing smiles to other drivers on the road, this is completely unsafe for them. You run the risk o them getting hit by a passing object, debris, or even getting inner ear damage from the wind pressure.
  • Hold off on giving them their main meal. You won’t know when travel will upset your pet’s stomach, so for the sake of avoiding any accidents, wait to feed them till you’re done driving for the day. Snacks and treats are fine in the meantime.
  • The final pet safety tip is to NOT leave them in the car unattended. Despite the weather outside, temperatures inside the car can rise quickly. Excess heat can cause injury from heat stroke to even death. Cold temperatures can be just as dangerous so whatever you do, don’t leave them alone inside the car.

As you can already see, there’s a lot to pet safety in your car, but we’ve got your back. If you’re looking into more accessories for when you’re on the road or want more tips, call Toyota of N Charlotte today at (704)875-9199.