When is it time to schedule a Charlotte tire rotation?

Taking care of your tires is a VERY important part of routine car maintenance. They're essential to performance, safety, and fuel efficiency; if they're not in good shape, all three elements will suffer! That's why it's key that you follow up with routine tire service in Charlotte as recommended by our techs and your owner's manual. One of the biggest pieces of auto service to stick to a schedule on is definitely Charlotte tire rotations!

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What is a tire rotation? 

First, let's talk about exactly what a tire rotation. When you schedule this Charlotte auto service, our techs will rotate your tires around the car. Front tires are moved to the back and vice versa, and our techs will also swap out the left and right tires. It doesn't take a lot of time to complete and is relatively inexpensive, but it's essential to performance! 

Why should you schedule routine tire rotations in Charlotte? Here are a few reasons why this type of Toyota service is so important: 

  • It helps extend the life of your tires. By rotating them, they'll wear more evenly and have a longer lifespan (which means less money out of your pocket). Your front tires tend to wear unevenly because they lead the way when you turn your vehicle; by moving them to the back, you can even things out a bit and make them last longer! 
  • It'll increase your safety! You'll run less risk of a blowout or flat because your tires will wear more evenly and offer a better performance. 
  • You'll maintain fuel efficiency. When your tires wear unevenly, they have to work harder and this can negatively affect your car's fuel efficiency. 

See why Charlotte tire rotations are so important to schedule? Don't run the risk of a blowout or having to replace your tires more frequently than you should!

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Are you due to schedule a Charlotte tire rotation? 

How do you know if you're due for a tire rotation in Charlotte? We've got signs that you should schedule this auto service ASAP! 

  • You notice visibly that the tires are wearing unevenly. Check the front tires especially - like we said, they tend to do this more than the back ones. If you notice more wear on the exterior edges than you'd like, it's time to swap them out! 
  • You see cupping (scalloped shape marks), feathering, or bubbles in the tire. These all indicate that there's an issue going on with the way your tires are wearing - if a tire rotation won't fix it, you may need to buy a new Charlotte car tire to replace it. Our techs can help you determine the problem AND an affordable solution! 

Need to schedule this very important Charlotte Toyota service? Give us a call today - we're ready and waiting at 13429 Statesville Road, just off I-77 at exit 23! You can call us at (888) 378-1214 to learn more, schedule a tire rotation appointment, and get info on our auto service coupons for money-saving opportunities! 

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