A Closer Look at the Car Suspension System

March 11th, 2020 by

If you’ve been following along with us here at Toyota of North Charlotte, you’ve likely heard us mention the car suspension system more than a handful of times. While your wheels and tires go to work to keep your car off the ground and rolling, your suspension system keeps your drive comfortable and helps your vehicle complete turns. It sits within your undercarriage and works in conjunction with your wheels to support your N Charlotte Toyota car.

You get the idea, but there’s much more to this essential auto part than meets (or doesn’t meet) the eye. Today, we’re taking a deeper dive into the wide world of the vehicle suspension system. Check it out!

N Charlotte car suspension system guide

Let’s Look at Your Car Suspension System


One part of your Charlotte suspension system you can probably see (depending on the car you drive) is the spring. This auto part keeps your vehicle sitting at a specified height and adds support when additional weight is added to your car. There are three different types available to drivers:

1) Coil Springs

These springs compress and expand to absorb the motion of the wheel and motion of the N Charlotte vehicle. It’s one of the most common forms of car suspension system parts out there.

2) Leaf Springs

Arguably one of the oldest types of springs still in use today, leaf springs use several bound layers of metal to absorb motion and support the N Charlotte vehicle.

3) Torsion Bar

Using a combination of a steel bar and a wishbone mechanism, torsion bar car suspension system parts absorb vehicle motion using a spring-like mechanism, but without traditional springs.



Like any spring, any acting force can cause them to continue to bounce. That’s where dampers come in! These useful tools help absorb the continued spring motion emitted after a bump or dip in the road.

Shock Absorber

Working in conjunction with different dampers in your car’s suspension system, the shock absorber further eliminates motion from the springs and uses the produced kinetic energy to help boost the engine block with some additional power. Most shock absorbers in your N Charlotte car suspension system are velocity-sensitive, meaning that there’s additional resistance provided the faster you go.

Suspension Struts

This part works similarly to shock absorbers and dampers but also provides structural support to your vehicle over all. The difference between this car suspension system part and shock absorbers is that suspension struts actually support the overall weight of the vehicle and its cargo load while shock absorbers and dampers do not.

Anti-Sway Bars

Not all vehicles are equipped with this specific part, but vehicles that have it benefit greatly with extra control and stability. Anti-sway bars join opposing suspension systems on the same axle. This creates a more even ride when turning and accelerating.

The car suspension system is a complex auto part to grasp, but with enough information, you too can become an expert! If you have any questions on how to navigate this part, feel free to reach out to us at Toyota of North Charlotte. You can find us at 13429 Statesville Road and reach us at (704) 875-9199 today!


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