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For many of us, the vehicle we drive off the lot is the vehicle we’re happy driving every day. The typical 4-cylinder engine has no problem accelerating and maintaining the speeds necessary to commute safely. Often times the N Charlotte Toyota car you drive is enough to satisfy your need to get you from one point to another and that’s all you need. But there are always vehicle enthusiasts, gear heads, and collectors out there that want to take their ride or passion project to the next level. The need for car customization has been around for as a long as cars have been on roads but Hollywood brought the sensation to life and popularized it. An uncountable amount of drivers out there customize their rides to be faster, stronger, and cooler. If you’re thinking of diving into the car modding world, Toyota of North Charlotte has a few engine mod car accessories you should check out!

Car accessories in N Charlotte

Essential Engine Mod Car Accessories You Need

Forced Induction Accessories

To keep it simple, your Charlotte car engine needs air to burn fuel and accelerate. Forced induction devices speed up this process and make it more efficient to deliver better acceleration to drivers that use them. There are 2 types available: turbocharger and supercharger. Turbos spin a turbine in the exhaust which then activates a compressor that forces more air to ignite in the engine and deliver more horsepower. Superchargers operate similarly but use a belt driven mechanism to make it happen. Both car accessories can cost anywhere from around $2,000 to $10,000.


If you’ve ever seen a Fast and Furious movie you’d understand the necessity for nitrous when it comes to racing or going fast in your Charlotte Toyota. Essentially your car uses engine heat to ignite the usually stable nitrous gas. This produces more oxygen for your engine to use during ignition and, consequently, more horsepower. A typical kit can cost as low as $500, but will require additional parts to get it working properly.

Aftermarket Camshafts

For some gearheads and Charlotte performance enthusiasts it’s all about the engine and they like to keep it that way. Essentially using as little car accessories as possible to get the maximum amount of horsepower out of an engine. A great way to achieve more horsepower without adding too much to your engine is to swap out your camshafts for performance ones. This engine mod is very economical and keeps your engine in the most original condition.

Cold Air Intake

You’ve probably figured out by now that air is essential when it comes to generating horsepower. Your engine uses a variety of air intakes and filters to combust, but the air is often already warm or hot because it comes from your engine compartment. A cold air intake is the perfect Charlotte car accessory to get you 5-10 extra horsepower without much modification. It draws cold air from outside your engine compartment and makes the combustion process easier.

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