Everything to Know About Your Car Key

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If you’ve ever seen the movie Zombieland, you know that Rule #32 is to “enjoy the little things.” If you’re wondering how that has anything to do with cars, think of your N Charlotte Toyota car key. It’s a small device that we often take for granted as drivers, but it affords us so much. For starters, without it, we couldn’t turn the ignition, activate the starter, and ignite the fire that brings our car’s engine to life. But, modern key fobs can do so much more. They can open and close your trunk automatically, unlock and lock your doors without ever having to turn the key in the door lock, allow drivers to unlock their doors by simply tapping the handle or pressing a button other than one on the key, start your car with the push of a button rather than using your car key, you get the idea.

Your key is an important piece of automotive equipment that requires care if you’re to continue taking advantage of its many convenience features. Toyota of North Charlotte is here with a guide about the car key and how to take care of it. Check it out!

N Charlotte Toyota car key

A Short History on Car Keys

Who doesn’t love a good history lesson? We promise we’ll keep this one short.

While the car key may seem like a mundane thing (remember rule #32 above), the history behind this amazing device is actually quite interesting. Chrysler, in 1949, is credited with the first modern design and use of a key. Prior to that, vehicles used keys to operate, but drivers would have to perform a variety of other tasks to get their cars up and running. Most commonly, drivers would have to use a hand crank to get the engine running and then push a button to activate the starter, and THEN turn the key to get the N Charlotte car driving. Sounds like a lot for such a simple task, right? Chrysler streamlined the process by crafting an ignition system that worked with a simple turn of key.

In 1965, Ford introduced the double-sided key, that’s still largely used today. This key is unique as it has cuts on both sides so drivers can insert it either way and it’ll work. The 1987 Cadillac Allante was one of the first cars to introduce remote entry. Lexus introduced the laser cut key in 1990 LS400 and increased vehicle security. Since then, keys have evolved to include touch screens and automatic functions like those listed above. Some drivers speculate that the car key will become obsolete as companies like Tesla use smartphone apps to start, lock, and unlock cars today.


Taking Care of Your Car Key

The N Charlotte Toyota car key has become a marvel in and of itself in the modern automotive age, but that doesn’t mean that they take care of themselves. In fact, issues with car keys, like battery drain, poor signal quality, and so on can be costly (have you ever priced out a replacement key?!). Here are a few essential tips you should remember when caring for your car key:

  • Replace the internal battery once every two years. Wireless keys can experience battery drain over time and that spells trouble if you drive a vehicle that uses push-button start. There are tutorials all over the internet that detail how to replace the internal battery, but you can always ask us at Toyota of N Charlotte if you need help!
  • ALWAYS have a spare key outside of your car. In the event that your key stops working or you lock your primary one in your car, you’re going to need a spare to get out of the sticky situation. Remember to keep it somewhere other than inside your car.
  • Check your physical door locks periodically. You probably didn’t even know there was a physical lock on your N Charlotte Toyota car. Now that you know, make sure to check it periodically and use it every once in a while to prevent rusting.

If you need help caring for your car key or need to find a replacement, we can help! Visit Toyota of N Charlotte today at 13429 Statesville Road and remember to enjoy the little things!

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