How to be a better safe driver: 7 tips

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Do you think you’re a safe driver? Even if you consider yourself to be an excellent advocate for driving safety and a responsible fellow traveler, Toyota of North Charlotte wants to help you be even better. Check out these 7 tips to help you maximize safety every time you hit the road so you can drive easy!

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Protect yourself and your passengers by being a better safe driver

Tip #1: Learn how to park well. 

Parking is going to be part of your day-to-day drive time no matter where life takes you. Knowing how to park well can save you time, frustration, and money! Always choose a spot that’s the right size for your car (not too small) and be mindful of your doors when you open them. You should also know how to park on an angle, in a parallel spot, and in a perpendicular spot.

Tip #2: Keep your hands on the wheel in the proper position. 

It used to be recommended that you keep your hands at the ten and two position on your steering wheel (like the hands of a clock). However, experts now recommend that you keep your hands at nine and three, or even eight and four. This will give you more control. And remember, you should always have both hands on the wheel of your N Charlotte Toyota!

Tip #3: Avoid driving when tired. 

Driving while you’re fatigued is just as bad as driving under the influence of alcohol. Don’t do it! Try to reschedule your drive time for when you’re more rested, or at least take a nap and caffeinate before you climb into the driver’s seat.

Tip #4: Teach yourself defensive driving skills. 

Do you know how to engage in defensive driving? This practice teaches you to be proactive out on the road so you can avoid an accident before it happens rather than react to it as its happening. Brush up on your skills – check out our N Charlotte Toyota tips.

Tip #5: Know where your blind spots are. 

Every car has blind spots, even our N Charlotte Toyotas. Be a safe driver and know where they are and how to adjust your mirrors to beat them accordingly! You can also drive a new Toyota with tech designed for this problem like blind spot monitors.

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Tip #6: Merge responsibly. 

Merging is tricky and if done improperly, can be dangerous. You should always move at the speed that the rest of the traffic is moving and use your turn signal to indicate your movements. Don’t drive too quickly or cut people off, but also be careful not to drive too slowly and hold up traffic.

Tip #7: School yourself on driving in challenging conditions. 

Driving in snow, rain, on ice, in heavy traffic, in windy conditions, or in extremely dark conditions can be challenging. You should teach yourself how to navigate safely in these conditions to make yourself a better safe driver.

Want more tips on how to be a better safe driver or want to check out the safety tech available in our N Charlotte Toyotas? Come on down – we’re open seven days a week at 13429 Statesville Road!


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