How to Maximize Your Vehicle’s Fuel Economy

January 15th, 2020 by

Vehicles on the road today can reach incredible heights when it comes to fuel efficiency figures. The majority of Toyota’s lineup is built out with hybrid vehicles and fuel-efficient vehicles that are good for the environment and will have you spending less time at the pump. While many drivers would be satisfied with the current fuel efficiency ratings of many of the models we have available here at Toyota of North Charlotte, there are several ways that drivers can up the ante when it comes to their vehicle fuel economy.

If we’ve piqued your interest, you’re in luck! Toyota of North Charlotte is here with an easy guide on how to maximize your vehicle’s fuel economy.

Car fuel economy tips from Toyota of North Charlotte

How to Boost Your Car’s Fuel Economy

1) Don’t be harsh with your gas pedal

Believe it or not, the way in which you use your North Charlotte Toyota car’s gas pedal can have make or break your car’s fuel economy. The faster and harder you push on y0ur ride’s gas pedal, the more fuel you’ll burn upon initial acceleration. It’s easy to give into the urge of racing off the white line when the light turns green, but it’s better for your gas tank and your safety if you take it easy. The same goes for using your brake pedal. Drivers who decide to apply the brakes just before they make it to the light or the vehicle in front of you is unsafe and uses more fuel. Take a chill pill and enjoy better car fuel economy.

2) Carry a light load

Your car can carry and do a lot, but it’s not so different from us. Think about it, if you had to carry a lot of weight on your back you’d probably manage, but it would be difficult and far more strenuous than carrying nothing at all. The same goes for your car. The less you’re carrying in the trunk, the less work your engine has to do to perform and the less fuel it uses.

3) Trim off any excess accessories

Speaking of weight, there are several places where you can cut back on excessive items that create extra drag. Roof racks, storage devices, and so on can add unnecessary weight to your ride and reduce its aerodynamics. They may look cool, but less time at the pump is even cooler.

4) Inflate your tires to the right pressure

Have you ever tried to run with less than springy shoes? It’s very difficult. Your N Charlotte Toyota feels the same way when its tires are underinflated. To keep your your vehicle’s fuel economy up and your engine from overworking, make sure your tires are inflated to an acceptable level.

5) Don’t idle too long

While you may not be driving and using as much gas while idling, you’re still burning fuel and more than you might think. In fact, in 10 minutes of idling, your vehicle can burn up to 22 ounces of fuel and that adds up. If you can, turn off your car and restart the engine when it comes time to head to your destination.

Looking for a ride with excellent fuel economy? Look no further than Toyota of North Charlotte! You can shop our inventory online anytime or visit us at 13429 Statesville Road seven days a week.

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